Programme for upgrading Ocularis to Qognify VMS revealed

Video management system - from Qognify VMS

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Video and enterprise incident management solutions provider, Qognify, has announced an upgrade programme for customers of its video management system (VMS) Ocularis.

Launching in May 2023, the company says the programme will provide a roadmap that will enable existing Ocularis customers to upgrade seamlessly to the flagship Qognify VMS.

A new VMS

According to the company, Qognify VMS is a next-generation management system that combines the powerful core of an enterprise-class system with advanced ecosystem integrations, integrated video analytics capabilities, cloud storage options, low total costs of ownership and business process support that adds value beyond physical security.

“In recent years the requirements for physical security systems have changed significantly,” said Jeremy Howard, Vice President of Sales Physical Security, Americas at Qognify. “Video technology is increasingly becoming part of an integrated physical security ecosystem and therefore needs to interact with other technologies such as video analysis, access control, license plate recognition (LPR) and physical security information management (PSIM) solutions.“


“With Qognify VMS, we have a future-proof VMS that meets all of these advanced enterprise requirements today,” added Howard. “In addition, it offers a wide range of capabilities including cloud storage, embedded video analytics, global system monitoring and health check as well as PSIM/incident management options, which can be adapted to the specific requirements of multiple industries – even beyond physical security requirements.”

The company highlights that any Ocularis customer can upgrade and since Ocularis is built on the Qognify VMS recorder, customers are able to maintain video recordings and many system settings, thus minimizing time and efforts of switching to a new software interface.

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