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Updated Wavestore v6.18 offers multiple video display areas for operators


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Wavestore has introduced an updated version of its open-platform and highly secure Linux-based Video Management Software (VMS).

Wavestore v6.18 sees the introduction of several innovative features including new flexible display choices, enhanced audio support and additional file storage options, all of which are intended to deliver real-life practical benefits to users who wish to obtain maximum value from their video surveillance systems.

Multiple video display areas

Wavestore VMS is now able to provide up to four video display areas (VDAs) on a single client PC, greatly expanding the video workspace that is available to operators.

A simple right-click on a mouse enables the adding or removal of a VDA, each of which can simultaneously display both live and recorded video. Connected cameras can be easily dragged from a device tree into one or more of the VDAs, with the option to configure Wavestore to auto-save the various displays for future use.

Network File System support

v6.18 strengthens Wavestore’s compatibility with a wide range of third-party external storage devices, including those which support Network File System (NFS) protocols.

“Wavestore has its own high-performance proprietary data storage system called Large Allocation Storage System (LASS), which enables a host of leading features such as lightning-fast search, HyperRAID and EcoStore,” said Julian Inman, Head of Product Management for Wavestore. “However, we appreciate that some end user clients may wish or need to continue to use existing file systems which use NFS protocols. The new functionality we have introduced in Wavestore v6.18 gives them the freedom to do so.”

Audio-only IP device support

Until now, Wavestore has only been able to provide two-way audio communication via suitably featured video surveillance cameras. Wavestore v6.18 enables the deliver of audio and talkback even if there is no related video available, which is perfect for the growth in use of network speakers. Users can choose to enable the audio input source and talkback independently. 

Other key features built into Wavestore v6.18 include:

  • On-Screen PTZ control with optical zoom in/out via a mouse wheel.
  • Multiple camera stream compatibility, e.g. the option for three separate streams, each at different frame rates or resolutions
  • Additional functionality when using Wavestore’s PTZ keyboard such as display area selection and camera wash & wipe control
  • Moxa Input/Output (IO) module support
  • Improved camera error reporting with clearer messages
  • Performance statistics gathering which can be downloaded as CSV

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