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Uniview secures Transworld Building in Qatar with cutting-edge surveillance technology


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Keeping buildings safe is a priority for any security operator. Hence, deploying a security system is vital especially when it comes to commercial buildings. Uniview, a video surveillance manufacturer, provided the cutting-edge technologies for securing the Transworld building in Qatar.

Transworld Group of companies is a shipping agency, established in 1977 and originally located in Bombay, with offices spread across the world in UAE, United States, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Singapore, Pakistan and in 28 cities in India.

In this case, the operator urgently wanted to have video surveillance covering the key areas, access control and perimeter control. Uniview provided 150 cameras and three NVR516 monitors and switches. The solution can perfectly protect every corner of the building and most key areas can be monitored on multiple screens at the same time. No matter what happens, the security staff can take immediate action.


Decoding Capability: The NVR516 is designed for projects which need a maximum of 128 channels of connection. An additional 12 extra HDMI channels are available for the decoding card. In other words, the NVR516 can decode 112-ch 1080P video with the 7HD monitor.


Strong Storage: NVR516 has 16 SATA slots. What’s more, it can add two disk enclosures so the installed HDD quantity can be up to 48 in total and each HDD capacity can support 10TB.

System Stability: NVR516 has powerful hardware and software performance. In order to protect data security, Uniview adopted failover technology on NVR516. It also can support most types of RAID and Hot-swap which makes it very reliable for projects where safety is paramount.

Along with commercial buildings, Uniview is covering industries including world-class hotels, shopping malls, city surveillance, banks, hospitals, educations, factories etc. Uniview is dedicated to providing high quality products for customers all around the world.

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