UK town ensures safe, healthy and connected future with Axis technology


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Complete security and surveillance solution installed by NW Security Group at Whitehill & Bordon supports huge town-wide regeneration project with technology right at its heart.

Axis Communications has supported its long-term partner NW Security Group in delivering a powerful physical security solution, protecting people, premises and assets as part of an exciting town regeneration project. The solution has been designed to meet the evolving requirements of Whitehill & Bordon town as it undergoes a complete transformation into a sustainable, healthy and connected town that is a safe place to work and live.

This project showcases the smart-city capabilities of modern security solutions where, rather than being used for security alone, they become woven into the very fabric of a development. A setup of multiple cameras and IP audio devices helps to deter criminal activity and prevent violence, while supporting the aims of Whitehill & Bordon to become more connected through the use of IP audio, analytics and a live camera for the streaming of events. The technology can also be used to gather intelligence about the use of facilities, helping to guide further development which will take place in phases over a 15-year period.

When relocation of the British Army’s Defence School of Electronic and Mechanical Engineering from Whitehill & Bordon to Wiltshire in 2015 freed up approximately 200 hectares of land, the decision was made to redevelop it to include 2,400 homes and a vibrant town centre. The opportunity to install cutting-edge technology from the outset saw the Whitehill & Bordon Regeneration Company turn to NW Security Group to design and install a comprehensive system utilising Axis technology, offering centralised management capabilities while being highly scalable to keep pace with the town’s evolution.

Chris Manning, Project Manager at the Whitehill & Bordon Regeneration Company, explained: “We had a unique opportunity here to put the right technology in place from the beginning. Our aim has been to make Whitehill & Bordon a fantastic place to live, work and socialise. To achieve this, we needed a connected security solution that would offer high levels of protection, while also helping to drive a sustainability agenda and attracting residents and businesses to the town.”

The whole solution has been built from the ground up with cybersecurity considerations front and centre, while Axis’ dedication to creating a greener future has resulted in the implementation of low-power technology. People-counting capabilities provide business intelligence about the use of the town’s facilities, while also helping to keep people safe during the town’s many events. The security solution at Whitehill & Bordon represents a long-term investment, with rugged, hard-wearing technology and components, combined with the ability to update and add features as required. This represents excellent value and supports a 15-year development plan.

A total of 100 Axis network cameras and other devices were chosen as part of the new solution. These include:

  • Rugged PTZ cameras that can cope with all weather conditions allowing for effective monitoring across the site in resolutions of up to 4K
  • A range of all-in-one speaker systems that facilitate simple network connectivity and are based on open standards for easy integration
  • A professional live-streaming camera with 30x optical zoom.

The solution also comprises Axis network switches and an AXIS V59 PTZ network camera with broadcast quality for the live streaming of an array of hugely popular events, such as music and comedy nights, both online and to giant billboard screens situated around the town.

With one third of the town centre development complete and the second stage due to commence later this year, the security solution from Axis looks set to be scaled to cover a new supermarket, further residential dwellings and many other exciting and innovative developments in Whitehill & Bordon’s continuing evolution.

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