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Toshiba Electronics Europe names new President and CEO

Toshiba Electronics Europe

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Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH has confirmed the appointment of Peter Lieberwirth as the company’s new President and CEO, effective 1 July.

According to the company, Lieberwirth will lead the development and execution of Toshiba’s strategy for its electronic components business in Europe.

Lieberwirth – who takes over from Tomoaki Kumagai – joined Toshiba in 1992 and held the position of Vice President Marketing & Operations Division since 2018.

Toshiba Electronics Europe: A leading provider

With vast experience in sales and marketing, Lieberwirth said he was “honoured” to lead a company that he had worked for with “great passion over many years.”

“Toshiba has a very competent and experienced team which is committed to providing excellent service, helping customers develop successful products and systems,” he added.

“It is my goal to foster the relationship with our valued European customers and to position Toshiba as a key supplier in this region.

“We are experiencing exciting times in the European market and there is a strong demand for technologies that support environmental sustainability, which has also become an important focus for Toshiba’s global operation.

“As a provider of world leading power semiconductors, ceramic insulating heat dissipation substrates as well as SCiBTM highly safe rechargeable batteries and innovative technologies such as our high capacity enterprise hard disk drives, we are well placed to help customers reduce their power consumption, contributing towards more environmentally-friendly operations.” 

Armin Derpmanns will take over the position of Vice President Marketing & Operations Division.

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