Tony Porter joins Corsight AI as Chief Privacy Officer

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Corsight AI, a facial recognition solution provider, has announced the appointment of former Surveillance Camera Commissioner, Tony Porter as its Chief Privacy Officer. Effective immediately, Porter will be responsible for ensuring the technology is not only legally compliant across international jurisdictions, but also operates to the highest ethical standards.

The move to Corsight AI – the highest NIST-ranked Western-based facial recognition company backed by over 250 patents – will see Porter put his legislative recommendations to the Home Office into practice. Porter will help Corsight AI meet strict governance guidelines with regard to its ground-breaking solution.

Porter was appointed Surveillance Camera Commissioner by the Home Secretary in March 2014 following a distinguished career in the police and finance sector. A senior police leader with particular expertise in international counter terrorism, serious and organised crime and extensive engagement with business, communities and local authority partners; he is widely respected nationally and internationally within law enforcement and intelligence communities. A champion of facial recognition during his time in office, the move represents the next chapter of Porter’s illustrious career and is the latest coup for Corsight AI, following its impressive debut ranking following the comprehensive NIST evaluation.

Joining Corsight AI

“By joining Corsight AI, I firmly believe we can help change perceptions surrounding the technology and demonstrate how it can be a force for good,” said Tony Porter, Chief Privacy Officer for Corsight AI. “As part of my role, I am keen to engage with those who are concerned about the technology’s use within society, so we can help Corsight AI provide the great value to society I know it can.”

Corsight’s facial recognition technology allows for a more comprehensive and accurate detection of identifying features; thereby driving down false positives and enhancing accuracy for users. In addition to real-time detection, Corsight also provides local law enforcement, transportation, government agencies, airports, retail outlets, banks and more with forensic video analysis that can analyse hours of video in minutes. Investigators receive a comprehensive summary of the person of interest’s actions and locations that can help inform next steps in the investigations.

“In my view, the most important part of adoption will focus on the technology’s application and its adherence to exacting standards,” said Porter. “More needs to be done to educate the public and dissenters about its uses and the very strict boundaries in which we ensure the technology operates. It really is a silver bullet in terms of societal benefit.”

Rob Watts, Corsight AI CEO added: “Tony’s appointment is an exciting milestone for us as a company. His intelligence background and wealth of experience will ensure we remain compliant in every jurisdiction and more importantly, that we help our clients apply the technology legally. Privacy is at the core of Corsight AI and we are demonstrating this commitment by creating a unique position within the business. I look forward to working with him to achieve great things as he looks to continue what he started during his tenure as Surveillance Camera Commissioner.”

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