Three reasons to utilise Dahua ANPR 2.0


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Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is often spoken of as an application for collecting license plate data of vehicles travelling on highways and city streets. As such, parking lot management is a sometimes-overlooked beneficiary of ANPR technology. Installing ANPR cameras in parking lots can provide high return on investment for residential complexes, school campuses, parking lots with time restrictions, or any parking facility that would normally require a patrol to make rounds to check for unauthorised vehicles.

Thinking of revamping your parking lot management system? Here are three reasons why you should consider Dahua’s ANPR 2.0.

It’s highly accurate.

ANPR function is an integral feature of the Dahua ANPR 2.0. The recommended WizMind cameras that support ANPR are the 4MP IR Bullet WizMind Network Cameras (IPC-HFW7842H-ZVHIPC-HFW7842H-Z4VH) and the 8MP IR Bullet WizMind Network Cameras (IPC-HFW7442H-ZVHIPC-HFW7442H-Z4VH). These cameras can accurately recognise number plate information of more than 87 countries and other vehicle attributes in the scene, offering a detection rate of up to 99% and recognition rate of up to 95%. Aside from ANPR, these devices also offer other AI functions including Video Metadata and IVS.

In addition, ANPR cameras also support blocklist and allowlist functions to ensure security in the monitored scene. It allows access to those in the allowlist and sends an alarm when a blocklisted vehicle plate number has been detected. Additionally, it also features VIP Recognition that can be used in company offices and residential areas to provide smooth access for VIP customers and residents.

It maximises efficiency.

The Dahua ANPR 2.0 also features Parking Space Management function. It gives operators the ability to capture data of vehicles entering and exiting the parking lot and display the number of available parking spaces in real time via LED screens. The system can track how many cars are parked in a given zone (up to 80 parking spaces can be covered per camera depending on different heights) and can analyse how many cars are usually in that zone at a particular time. Users can even monitor multiple parking lots with one DSS system.

For drivers, the ANPR 2.0 camera controls the access to the parking lot when integrated with a barrier gate, enabling a touchless and “ticket-less” passage of vehicles and avoiding possible car congestion.

It’s economical.

The Dahua ANPR 2.0 cameras are easy to install and have multiple mounting options, so your ANPR solution will be up and running in no time. It supports multiple backends – it can stand alone with an SD card, or be used with an NVR or DSS product – so you may be able to leverage existing equipment. Also, only the first device needs access to wire and power cord, other connected devices can be powered by Ethernet cables.

To know more about how Dahua ANPR 2.0 works, check out this success story. You can also download the free brochure to learn more about ANPR and other WizMind technologies.

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