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Theia launches new website with CAD models, Lens Selector and Lens Calculator


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Theia Technologies has introduced their new website designed to enhance user experience,
facilitate lens selection and make information about lenses readily available. The new features include
interactive and downloadable CAD models, a brand-new Lens Selector, an updated Lens Calculator and
Resolution Simulator and an expanded Applications Gallery. The new website is now the resource hub for
all information on Theia lenses – from specs, drawings, models and images to performance data,
conformity documents and certifications – all online, available 24/7!

Theia’s new CAD tool provides on-demand, 3D CAD model downloads and interactive 3D previews for six
product families, allowing specifiers, designers and engineers to configure, preview and download
products to test within their designs. The configurator makes it easy for designers to access CAD data and
download it in their preferred format. The new catalogue delivers CAD downloads in over 150 formats,
accommodating design requirements for multiple industries including machine vision, robotics, intelligent
traffic systems and security.

Theia has developed a new Lens selection tool that allows users to quickly filter through Theia’s lens
catalog by Focal Length/Range, Image Format, Resolution, IR Correction, Varifocal vs. Fixed, Motorised
vs. Non-motorised, Mount Type, Iris Type and Minimum Object Distance. Theia’s updated Lens Calculator and Resolution Simulator allows applications engineers to input key details of a project and potential equipment, then calculates image resolution given these parameters.

The tool provides an image representation of the result using selected variables, allowing designers to see if there is enough resolution to meet the application needs. The enhanced tool can now recommend a lens based on the desired results rather than the user choosing the lens or focal length. The updated calculator also provides links to information about the lens chosen to allow the user easy access to lens
specifications, drawings and CAD files.

The images in Theia’s new Applications Gallery represent applications including Security, Automotive,
Intelligent Traffic Systems, Machine Vision, Factory Automation, Robotics, Aerospace, Defense, Science,
Healthcare, Sports, Entertainment, Retail, Manufacturing and Consumer Electronics. If you are not sure
how one of our lenses will perform in your application, there are many example images with the same or
similar uses as your own and will provide you with a good indication of how our lenses will perform in your environment.

For more information, visit: www.theiatech.com

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