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The Open Security & Safety Alliance to be present at Intersec 2020


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Member companies and representatives of the Open Security & Safety Alliance (OSSA) will be present at the Intersec 2020 show in Dubai next month. OSSA – an industry body comprised of leaders, influencers and innovative organisations from all facets within the security, safety and surveillance space – formed to help the industry focus on creating new value by reducing market fragmentation and addressing common challenges.

The organisation’s aim is to bring together the industry to move forward together with one united, global approach to:

  • Create harmony across security and safety solutions focused on common Operating Systems and Application Programming Interfaces (API);
  • Drive the creation of one digital marketplace regardless of brand;
  • Define hardware and software measures to increase the levels of data security and privacy protection across brands;
  • Define specifications to ensure the right levels of performance.

In its first full year of existence, OSSA member companies achieved a major component of the organisation’s vision by creating the first common Technology Stack specification including a vendor-agnostic Operating System (OS) hardened for the security and safety market. This first big step allows for installation and execution of third-party apps on video security devices. It enables app developers to develop one single software application that is suitable for all cameras leveraging OSSA’s Technology Stack, independent of brand.

The next steps in early 2020 are (1) for the OSSA-driven digital marketplace to go live and (2) for camera manufacturers to introduce their first commercial versions of products leveraging OSSA’s Technology Stack. The marketplace will give integrators and users the ability to easily add customised functionality to their cameras and security systems by way of installing apps (already developed by the early adopters and available at the launch of the marketplace) on video security cameras. It’s expected that additional app developers will soon contribute solutions downloadable across devices and brands.

At Intersec, some OSSA member companies will showcase prototype cameras based on OSSA’s commonly defined Technology Stack. If you would like to learn more about the vision of OSSA, its progress and how involved companies are revolutionising the market, please visit the Hanwha Techwin booth (SA-E-28) and ask for one of the OSSA representatives.

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