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Telenor IoT opens new testing facility

Telenor IoT

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Telenor IoT has opened a new testing facility, the Telenor IoT Test Lab in Kariskorna, Sweden, to help customers understand how connected IoT products behave before deployment.

According to the company, testing is an important component for any development project and in cellular IoT it is crucial to be confident the device will be reliable in as many different environments and conditions as possible before it’s shipped.

With thorough IoT device testing before deployment, customers can reduce time to market, improve test coverage and find issues early – to prevent costly troubleshooting later when a number of products have already reached the market.


The Telenor IoT Test Lab is located in Karlskrona, Sweden.

The lab is equipped with a Faraday radio cage tuned specifically for testing of different networks.

It provides access to the four Nordic Telenor operators, Telenor Sweden, Telenor Norway, DNA (Finland) and Telenor Denmark in one location.

It has advanced steering and control systems allowing control of the available operator, access technology and even signal levels, allowing simulation of most network scenarios in a controlled and repeatable way, Telenor says.

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