Teledyne FLIR launches new AI surveillance solutions at ISC West

Teledyne FLIR AI surveillance solutions ISC West

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Teledyne FLIR is exhibiting its new cameras and multi-layered security solutions at ISC West 2023 on Booth #34061.

FLIR has strengthened its portfolio of visible cameras by releasing its first family of visible security cameras with AI, the FLIR Quasar Premium Mini-Dome AI, which is making its debut at the US event.

The FLIR Quasar Premium Mini-Dome AI is available in three models: 5 MP, 4K Wide and 4K Narrow.

Not only do all the options feature 12 unique analytics to detect people, vehicles, objects, attributes and events, but for the 4K Narrow option specifically, the AI detection distances are 152 m (499 ft) for vehicle, 71 m (233 ft) for person and 25 m (82 ft) for face.

Moreover, 4K models also have additional lens options: Varifocal 4.5 to 11 mm (40.4° to 110° HFOV) as well as varifocal 11 to 28 mm (15.5° to 38.5° HFOV) for longer distances and wider fields of view.

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