Key priorities from a technology leader: Zenitel


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Koen Claerbout, CEO of Zenitel discusses the company’s recent success and its key priorities for 2022 and beyond.

When a security incident or emergency takes place, it is imperative that the communication between responders and those in the middle of the incident is clear and reliable. To keep people safe, everyone needs to hear, be heard and understood.

From an innovation and audio quality perspective, Zenitel has positioned itself at the forefront of the market. The company, which was founded in 1901, provides a range of cutting-edge critical communications solutions.

Zenitel recently expanded its portfolio with the launch of five, next-generation IP Speakers and further strengthened its global position with the acquisition of UK-based company, ASL.

Speaking at Intersec 2022, Zenitel’s CEO, Koen Claerbout explained what makes the company stand out in such a competitive marketplace. “Our uniqueness comes from the combination of being audio experts within critical communications, but also being specialists in integrations. Our mission is to integrate with all of the leading security management platforms and to provide innovative solutions for each of the vertical markets in which we operate. Those vertical markets include transportation, energy, maritime, healthcare, prisons, industry, education, retail and public safety.  

“Zenitel has been around for more than 120 years now and through that time, the company has grown and evolved. However, our focus has always been to be a technology leader and that will never change.”

Product innovation

As an example of that focus on technology, Zenitel’s series of next-generation IP Speakers are truly state-of-the art. The line-up includes:

Ceiling Speaker, ELSIR-10CM – This IP56-rated ceiling speaker is built for indoor use and is great at blending into the environment. A concealed, built-in microphone enables access to intelligent audio features, while maintaining a clean speaker design. This full range speaker allows for broadcast of voice messages and background music.

Horn Speaker, ELSII-10HM – The Horn speaker is perfect for perimeter and asset protection. The design and frequency response of the speaker allows the user to deliver voice messages over distances. Its robust, IP67-rated design makes it a great outdoor solution.

Long Horn Speaker, ELSII-10LHM – The Long Horn speaker delivers communication in large areas especially where speaker placement is challenging. As with the standard Horn speaker, the Long Horn speaker is perfect for perimeter and asset protection. Its robust, IP67-rated design makes it a great outdoor solution.

Cabinet Speaker, ELSII-10WM – This IP67 rated Cabinet speaker is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. It is wall mounted and special consideration has been given to the aesthetics, which allows the speaker to blend with ease into its environment. It is perfect for both broadcasting voice messages and background music.

Projector Speaker, ELSII-10PM – This IP65-rated Projector speaker is a bi-directional speaker that is designed for both indoor and outdoor applications. It enables good coverage in areas such as corridors, halls, walkways and rail platforms where ceiling speakers cannot be installed. It offers the perfect mid-point between the dispersion and coverage of a horn speaker with the aesthetic design offered by a cabinet speaker.

Claerbout revealed what the company sees as its key priorities at the moment: “In addition to the fantastic products we already offer, we see a lot of opportunities with audio analytics and Artificial Intelligence to further enhance our solutions. Audio quality is already a very strong asset for us and we are aiming to make integration even easier as well.

“We are also focusing on sustainability, which for us, not only means the environmental impact of our business, but also our ethics and the way in which we conduct business. The way we operate is embedded within our processes and culture, which is incredibly important to Zenitel.”

He added: “Finally, growing our market reach is definitely a top priority for us. We have teams all over the world setting up the right partnerships for the company, both on a local and global level. This will enable us to continue expanding our global footprint and growing the organisation.”

In the eyes of Claerbout, the acquisition of ASL was a key step in Zenitel’s journey: “ASL was founded 32 years ago and has a very strong market position when it comes to public address voice alarms. There are strong synergies with Zenitel as we have very complimentary product ranges and it enables us to cement our position as a technology leader.

“Joining forces with ASL has certainly strengthened our organisation and moving forward, we will continuously build the business step by step. COVID has presented challenges for everybody, but I can see the world slowly returning to normal now and there are definitely lots of business opportunities available for top quality providers.”

Koen Claerbout

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