A performance technology which takes human error out of closing the gate


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In suburban gardens or a castle portcullis, a gate only works when it is properly closed. Leaving it open instantly creates a security risk. A Vertical Gate Closer shuts almost any gate tight automatically, at residential or commercial properties. It removes any chance for human error. Plus, with advanced 3D Cam-Motion technology on the inside, it ensures everyone can open and close the gate effortlessly.

The gate marks the entrance to a private world. It protects commercial premises and employee valuables like bicycles. At home, it keeps children safe and stops pets from escaping. But a gate on its own is only as good as the last person who opened it. Fitting a Vertical Gate Closer from ASSA ABLOY makes sure gates to the home or a business open effortlessly and close autonomously.

Safety is built-in, too. Because a gate may be opened by children, older adults or the less-able, 3D Cam-Motion technology ensures it opens with minimal force — and shuts tight every time. All the closer’s moving parts are enclosed, with room to prevent fingers being trapped. The arm and arm-to-spindle link are both bowed to leave space for the most inquisitive little digits.

“An open gate is a security risk. Ensuring critical gates are equipped with a reliable closer will give property owners and users peace of mind,” says Andreas Gmelin, Director Business Development Door Closers at ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions EMEIA. “Our Vertical Gate Closer ensures your first line of defence is fully effective.”

The only gate closer with Cam-Motion technology inside

Gate users will never see the patented 3D Cam-Motion technology powering the device’s opening and closing performance, but they will notice the difference. The gate opens and shuts tight with minimal force, a major benefit for safety and inclusive security.

Required pushing force for users falls more rapidly than with other gate closers. Independent valves enable installers to easily set latch and closing speeds individually and to tailor either speed to a specific user group. Interior valves are thermo-resistant, so when gate forces and closing speeds are set, they stay set — even at extreme temperatures (–30 to +50°C).

To speed up specification, all product details can be delivered as BIM Objects or within Openings Studio software, which integrates seamlessly with popular design packages like Revit. A single, flexible model suited to almost any pedestrian or security gate makes specification even easier. The vertical mounting renders a closer almost invisible, with almost no visual impact on exterior design.

For property owners, installers, distributors and specifiers — as well as gate users — an ASSA ABLOY Vertical Gate Closer does the hard work, so they don’t have to.

To learn more about Cam-Motion technology and ASSA ABLOY’s Vertical Gate Closer, download a free guide at http://campaigns.assaabloyopeningsolutions.eu/vertical-gate-closer

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