New hosts confirmed for security technology podcast


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Gallagher has recently confirmed that two new voices will be taking the reins for the company’s Security in Focus: Tech Talk podcast.

Beginning with the next episode – due at the end of March – Shane Keesom, Engineering Centre of Excellence Lead and Matthew Dean, Technical Support Team Leader, will take over as hosts as Chief Technology Officer, Steve Bell, focuses on other projects.

For nearly 18 years, Keesom has been involved in the support and evolution of Gallagher’s security solutions and has recently taken up a new role leading the Engineering Centre of Excellence’s team of Solutions Engineers, having previously managed the Technical Support team.

Dean has been the Technical Support Team Leader at Gallagher for eight years and is passionate about curating a smooth customer support experience.

Together, Keesom and Dean hope to cultivate a podcast that takes a customer-centric point of view while satisfying the interests of security technicians, installers and everyone with an interest in learning more about Gallagher’s security solutions.

“Matt and I come from various technical backgrounds, but between us we’ve also got lots of experience working with customers and solving site issues,” said Keesom. “This podcast can be a valuable resource for helping our audience and their customers, discussing the information that’s relevant, memorable and makes their lives easier.”

Dean agreed: “I’m approaching the podcast with my customer hat on and thinking, what do they want to hear? I listen to a lot of podcasts, and I love that forum for learning new things. I’m excited to chat with our guests and I’m actually expecting to learn a lot along with our audience.”

That combination of technical and customer-centric focuses has both Shane and Matt excited to get started and dive into more detailed conversations about the latest topics on audiences’ minds.

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