TAC Africa secures funding from Silicon Valley-based GSD Ventures


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Technology Against Crime in Africa (TAC Africa), an organisation connecting law enforcement, subject matter experts and civil society to solve issues that affect the African society using technology, has announced a partnership with Silicon Valley Accelerator GSDLabs. The Accelerator was founded by GSD Venture Studios, a Silicon Valley-based firm, led by CEO, Gary Fowler and COO, Derek Distenfield. Gary and Derek travel the world to locate and cultivate promising startups locked out of Silicon Valley due to political, social and cultural dynamics. GSD has long-standing ties in the African tech space and has accelerated several promising African startups as a result of Derek’s travels to the region.

TAC Africa and GSD Venture Studios have joined together to assemble a fund to stimulate growth in the African security space by investing in talented founders who historically haven’t had the same opportunities for success. Investments will focus on Drones, Cybersecurity/Defence, AI, Robotics, Blockchain and Technology for Social Good.

“We see tremendous potential for the development and growth of the security space in Africa and beyond. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with TAC Africa and be one piece of the puzzle to their success,” said Derek Distenfield.

This partnership brings together TAC Africa’s local and general security expertise and bolsters the wealth of tech knowledge within the GSDLabs Accelerator program. Together, this fund will create a unique opportunity to accelerate African entrepreneurial communities, produce rewarding jobs and advance the field of security in Africa and beyond.

To catalyse these synergies, the fund will establish a novel, collaborative venture capital (VC) model to tap into the inherent value of this newly formed coalition, promote more inclusive entrepreneurship and produce top-tier returns for its investors.

“TAC Africa is wholly committed to developing the African security space. We recognise the importance of nurturing entrepreneurs who can launch disruptive, successful ventures in areas ripe for innovation. We are confident that African security entrepreneurs will have the tools to guarantee success with GSD’s proven venture building formula,” added Jerry Akubo, CEO and Founder of TAC Africa.

TAC Africa, powered by GSD, is organising a first-of-its-kind US$1m+ investment vehicle to deliver significant capital appreciation by investing in extraordinary African startup companies. GSD Venture Studios’ robust global partnerships and opportunities give it the unique ability to drive growth and expose founders to opportunities otherwise missed.

“We travel the world investing in resilient teams bold enough to #GoGlobal. For too long, self-motivated entrepreneurs have struggled to navigate the minefield and challenges of launching a global company. The next generation of African innovation is set to emerge and GSD is positioned to energise Africa’s immense tech talent and expose them to our global network in conjunction with TAC Africa,” commented Gary Fowler, CEO, President and Co-Founder of GSD Venture Studios.

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