SwissPass opens doors touchless and securely with LEGIC


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Supported by the Alliance SwissPass and used for travel on trains, buses, mountain railways and cable cars and boats by over 5 million people in Switzerland, the red and white SwissPass is a trusted Swiss institution. 

To offer cardholders a convenient and touchless way to access a wide range of services throughout the country, the SwissPass supports attractive services from numerous third-party providers.

Vouchers and discounts for hotels and rental cars, as well as passes or tickets for fitness centres, events and ski resorts, to name a few, can be loaded onto the card. The latest generation of the SwissPass Card integrates LEGIC’s multi-application smartcard technology and therefore offers even more possibilities, such as state of the art security for access, tracking of working hours or follow-me printing etc. Furthermore, SwissPass now has integrated EMV technology that enables contactless e-Payment. 

“With millions of SwissPass users throughout Switzerland, we wanted to make the SwissPass accessible to any service provider in Switzerland who wants to offer and bundle services and discounts via a convenient and touchless solution,” said Thomas Ammann, Head of Communications at Alliance SwissPass,

“Integrating LEGIC advant on the SwissPass not only creates new opportunities for SwissPass partners to take advantage of our well-established technology, but also enables the LEGIC partner network to make their services and applications available to the large user base of SwissPass,” said Felix Pütz, Head of BU Mobility and Smart City at LEGIC. 

SwissPass is part of a comprehensive service ecosystem that allows users to travel, use different mobility providers, open hotel or fitness club doors and have fun throughout Switzerland. Virtually any service provider (“SwissPass Partner”) can participate. Most services can be purchased or topped up online by simply logging into the SwissPass website or any SwissPass Partner’s website.

In addition, the FIDO2 certified SwissPass can also be a digital authentication medium for employee access control in buildings, machines, time and attendance, as well as an official certificate or license. Current card holders will automatically receive the new generation SwissPass card free of charge once their existing card expires after five years of use. 

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