ISJ Influencers 2022- Suzanna Alsayed, Founder of Evolutz Inc. and Hilt International Security Inc.


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The past two years have proven that the security industry is not only resilient but has the capacity to adapt when a crisis comes knocking. COVID-19 has been a facet of our lives for nearly two years; today, many of our daily operations are still impacted by the pandemic and its unpredictable consequences. Here are the major threats our industry is likely to face in 2022:

Employee retention: Companies that lack adaptability and flexibility will suffer due to their inability to retain frontline and management employees. Now that the work dynamic has arguably changed forever, companies must now adapt by providing incentives to their employees. The gig economy of the past decade has evolved and accelerated. The wide adoption of remote work combined with COVID-19 monetary policy have given employees more bargaining power. Unless companies can provide their employees with superior salary, benefits and schedule flexibility, they will continue to face retention difficulties. 

Adapting to the digital world: How we socialise and conduct business has changed dramatically. Finding new ways to sell ourselves and our services online, creating and maintaining online branding and networking with professionals continues to be a challenge. I believe the security industry has made amazing progress lately. However, the real test will be to maintain the current online trajectory afloat for 2022 and the future.

Affording security services: Much like the inability for many to adapt to soaring housing and food prices over the past year, security services have remained financially out of reach for many in need. Expenses and operational costs are rising, yet no major functions have changed. Adapting to these economic shifts will be a challenge for many security companies moving forward.

Here are the top three major security key trends to follow in 2022:

Travel security: This will be even more relevant this year since international borders have recently reopened.

Vaccine Passports: Managing national vaccine passports and international travel mandates (and the protests that will inevitably follow suit) will be challenging.

Robotics and AI: We are slowly seeing the influence of robotics and AI in our industry, especially with the rise of technology and how it has the opportunity to mitigate certain risks when managed correctly. Adopting new technology is not a question of “if”, but “when”.

Last year, I was hoping for everyone to secure themselves against COVID-19 (and the related socio-economic and psychological impacts) and to find the strength to tackle new challenges in 2021. For 2022, I am wishing everyone strength to keep running and pursuing their dreams, to strategise, create a path and/or remain on course with an existing trajectory. What I believe wholeheartedly is that everything we face in life, whether tragic or joyous, has the ability to teach us something. We just have to remain open-minded and trust the process. Let 2022 be our year, ladies and gentlemen!


Suzanna Alsayed was named number two in the IFSEC Global “Top Influencers in Security & Fire” 2020 “Commercial Security – Association Figures/Academics/Thought Leaders” category and awarded the 2021 Emerging Leader Award by Canadian Security. Suzanna is the Founder of holistic security firm Hilt International Security. She is also the Founder of the independent brand, design and web development agency Evolutz Inc. Evolutz was founded to elevate the security industry’s branding standards and help companies and professionals increase their ROI.

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