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New survey reveals EMEA organisations prioritise network visibility


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EMEA and North American organisations believe there is significant room for improvement in their network visibility into hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure, according to a recent survey conducted by Pulse.qa, a division of Gartner and Gigamon, the leading deep observability company. The study conducted at the start of 2022, highlights top concerns among IT and technology leaders as they accelerate their migration toward hybrid and multi-cloud models, with network visibility touted as key to ensuring better performance, security and cost efficiency.

With cybersecurity front of mind for enterprises, many are now recognising the importance of gaining ‘deep observability’ into their hybrid and multi-cloud environments. This means holistic visibility with real-time network-level intelligence, providing actionable insights to detect unseen threats and mitigate risk. While IT leaders in both EMEA and North America view network visibility as key to bolstering cloud security, EMEA-based organisations ranked network visibility into cloud traffic, along with access to applications and control over data-in-motion, between 20-30 points higher than their US counterparts. Furthermore, Technology leaders in EMEA placed network visibility as their highest priority when it comes to securing their cloud environments.

The survey from Pulse.qa and Gigamon also identified cost and complexity as a central barrier to cloud migration. The research found that 78% of EMEA technology executives believe high cloud costs make migrating workloads and applications to the cloud more challenging. Other migration issues include:

  • Network bottlenecks/complex cloud troubleshooting efforts slow down the hybrid or multi-cloud migration – 98% of EMEA respondents agreed.
  • Teams miss or fail application workload SLAs due to issues caused by overly complex cloud infrastructure – 99% of all respondents agreed.
  • The cost and complexity of cloud infrastructure means there is less budget for other necessary applications – 61% of all respondents agreed.

Finally, the survey results revealed the desire of IT leaders to streamline their cloud approach to ensure that both security and the performance across multi-cloud environments is optimised. In EMEA, 68% of respondents stated they would prefer to manage the security of their workloads with a single source of network visibility across their entire environment, rather than working in siloes.

“The cloud is now part and parcel of business operations and while this was always inevitable, migration speed has accelerated dramatically. This means that organisations are being faced with several challenges they weren’t entirely prepared for and haven’t necessarily budgeted to overcome.” Comments Adrian Rowley, Senior Director and cloud evangelist at Gigamon. “It’s great to see that the industry is valuing network visibility as a top priority to cloud security, as well as for performance and cost reduction. Ultimately, achieving deep observability through a ‘single pane of glass’ view into all data in motion has never been more valuable to business continuity and success.”

To find out more, or to download the full study, visit: www.gigamon.com

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