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Axxon Air

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Axxon Air is simplifying surveillance with unified cloud security, writes Alan Ataev, CEO, AxxonSoft.

While modern VMS offers multiple benefits for end users, there are a few tedious operations associated with the implementation, scaling, maintenance and management of video surveillance systems.

AxxonSoft is launching its new product – Axxon Air – a unified cloud security solution that reshapes the field of video surveillance through its cloud-managed VMS.

At its core, Axxon Air is dedicated to simplifying common complexities that integrators and users face when working with surveillance systems, ensuring reliable video management with minimal investment.

Easy implementation and scaling

Cloud-managed VMS refers to a system that utilises physical servers on-site, which are then managed and controlled through a cloud-based service.

This approach offers several advantages in overcoming complexities associated with traditional on-premises video surveillance systems.

One of the main challenges is the physical installation and setup of servers on-site, which includes configuration of cameras and users.

Axxon Air offers a convenient way to deploy video surveillance systems: once Axxon Air servers and cameras are connected to the network, it’s easy to perform all the necessary operations to make the system work.

With the support for a wide range of IP cameras and all popular ONVIF standards (profiles S, G, T and M), Axxon Air automatically discovers the connected devices and lets rapidly set them up applying mass camera configuration.

The rights management system based on user roles and camera groups allows the administrator to customise large systems quickly and conveniently.

For example, a camera’s access permissions can be changed by adding or removing it from a group, while a user’s rights are modified by assigning different roles (a user can have multiple roles at the same time).

And, when a camera is added to the system, the default access settings are automatically applied to it.

Implementing distributed systems or scaling a video surveillance system is not an issue either as the setup is made via the Web Configurator – a handy administrator interface that allows the configuration of remote systems through a standard web browser.

You can easily add cameras and users and change any settings from anywhere.

Proactive system health monitoring

When the system is up and running, ensuring its uninterrupted operation becomes paramount.

Axxon Air incorporates a health monitoring service that collects data from all connected locations about camera operation, network utilisation, server hardware and software condition and storage space.

The administrator can monitor system health using the dedicated board and receives notifications when the controlled parameters go out of normal.

Quick identification of the source of an issue helps quickly eliminate malfunctions and maintain a high level of security at all protected sites.

Failover and configuration auto-backup

To further increase system resilience, Axxon Air provides server redundancy through its failover service.

On-site Axxon Air servers can be organised into failover clusters, with standby servers that automatically take over all functions from the off-line or malfunctioning servers.

After the transition of configuration, which typically takes not more than a minute, live video streaming and recording resume immediately.

In addition, Axxon Air offers auto-backup of server configurations in the cloud, which can be made on schedule or manually.

It helps minimise the system downtime by quickly deploying the same configuration on another server when one of the servers goes down or you need a hardware upgrade.

In combination with the proactive system health monitoring, the failover and configuration auto-backup capabilities maximise the system fault tolerance, ensuring flawless operation.

Off-site software update

One of the most time-consuming processes associated with the maintenance of video management systems is software update, especially when dealing with large numbers of VMS servers.

Axxon Air provides a convenient way of updating all servers at multiple locations remotely.

The administrator receives notifications of the updates released, such as important system updates, feature upgrades and others.

After selecting the necessary software packages and target servers, the process is done automatically: The software is downloaded from the cloud and installed on the servers.

Failover service allows updating servers within a cluster in turn, without the interruption of system operation. All this makes VMS software update a breeze, minimising maintenance cost.

Secure remote access

Another complexity that cloud-managed VMS simplifies is remote access and monitoring.

Traditional on-premises systems often require complex network configurations or VPN setups to enable secure remote access to video feeds.

In contrast, cloud-managed VMS provides a seamless and secure way to access and monitor video footage from anywhere, using a web-based interface or mobile application.

This simplifies the process for users and allows for convenient remote management.

Axxon Air’s web client offers a set of features that are commonly found only in desktop clients.

The extensive list of functions includes configuring camera layouts, H.264 and H.265 support with GPU video decoding, alarm handling, working with fisheye and PTZ cameras, using Google Maps and OpenStreetMap geo mapping services and many others.

The web client works in web browsers and doesn’t need installing and updating additional software.

Finally, the Axxon Air mobile apps for iOS and Android support most of the web client capabilities.

Hardened cybersecurity

All connections between the Axxon Air servers, clients and the cloud are protected with the current version of TLS encryption.

AxxonSoft prioritises cybersecurity, incorporating into its software best practices for data protection and preventing unauthorised interference with the VMS.

Some of the cybersecurity features implemented in Axxon Air are:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • reCAPTCHA v3 on the web client login screen
  • User password hashing
  • Password expiry and password history
  • Password strength control
  • Setting the lockout time/number of failed login attempts
  • Auto-logout after a set period of inactivity
  • Inactive account locking after a set period, with reactivation by email
  • System integrity checks at server startup

Besides, AxxonSoft regularly conducts penetration tests of its products by specialty companies to identify and address vulnerabilities promptly.

Direct camera to cloud connection

Axxon Air capitalises on using the camera’s onboard storage as the primary site for data retention.

This method is crucial for several reasons. First, it ensures immediate data capture and storage without the latency that can sometimes occur with direct cloud uploads.

Cameras equipped with sufficient storage capabilities can record high resolution video locally, providing a reliable first line of defence in data integrity and security.

Local storage on the camera offers robustness against network vulnerabilities.

In instances where internet connectivity is compromised, the surveillance system continues to function effectively, capturing and storing footage that can be crucial for security purposes.

This setup guarantees that no critical data is lost due to connectivity issues.

Bridging legacy systems

Understanding the diverse needs of organisations, Axxon Air includes a bridging solution for legacy cameras that do not natively support cloud connectivity.

This bridge allows older systems to benefit from local storage while taking advantage of cloud backup.

By integrating legacy systems into a modern network, Axxon Air ensures that all parts of an organisation’s security apparatus can remain cutting-edge without necessitating costly wholesale replacements.

AI video analytics and smart search

AxxonSoft has at its command a full cycle for AI video analytics development.

Axxon Air contains neural networks for common tasks such as human/vehicle detection, human posture recognition, fire/smoke detection, crowd detection and PPE detection under standard conditions.

In addition, AxxonSoft offers AI training for specific conditions and purposes, including unusual viewing angles, difficult lighting, detection of particular objects and the use of thermal cameras.

In regard of smart search for recorded video, AxxonSoft is one of the pioneers to implement this technology in VMS.

Axxon Air intelligent search capabilities range from simple and very convenient search by motion in a designated area to sophisticated tools such as search by object color and type.

Advanced AI-powered analytics and search features also encompass multiple-camera human search based on similarity in appearance; vehicle license plate, make and model recognition and search based on these criteria.

Customisable reporting

The key advantage of cloud-based reporting is its capability for centralised aggregation of analytical and statistical data from all connected locations.

The Axxon Air reports can represent various data, such as the number of visitors and queue length, which is especially useful for retail or recognised vehicle license plate numbers and different alarms accompanied by footage.

The user can configure reports to cover other video analytics data and events as well.

Convenient video sharing

Axxon Air offers the convenient capability to share video recordings directly from the cloud through a secure link with configurable access.

You can export selected video episodes to the cloud to quickly share them with relevant agencies/staff, without the need for using flash drives or third party cloud storage.

Additionally, the video clips can be protected with a watermark to ensure their authenticity.

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