Mina Justa enhances worker safety with IoT solution

Mina Justa workers

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Mina Justa, a major Peruvian mining project, has enhanced worker safety with an innovative IoT solution developed by StraconTech, Abeeway and Actility.

Committed to sustainability and safety, Mina Justa aims to set benchmarks in the mining industry.

StraconTech, as a tech arm of the STRACON group, focuses on real-time personnel location solutions to mitigate accidents and enhance operational efficiency.

The solution’s primary goal is to track people in blasting zones, addressing a concerning 29% rise in mining accidents due to blasts, collapses and landslides.

Mitigate accidents and enhance operations

Using Abeeway Smart Badges seamlessly integrated with Actility’s LoRaWAN network, the solution ensures precise tracking both indoors and outdoors.

The LoRaWAN connectivity provides cost-efficiency, extensive coverage, secure encryption and intelligent traffic management, significantly reducing costs compared to alternative IoT connectivity technologies.

With the cost-effective LoRaWAN network, the deployment of 400 Smart Badges was completed within two weeks, showcasing the solution’s swift implementation.

ThingPark Enterprise, a LoRaWAN IoT connectivity management platform, facilitates real-time worker location data, issues alerts and ensures compliance with legal norms, enhancing mine safety and aiding decision-making.

StraconTech’s ST-TRACK platform, an integration of GIS, offers real-time personnel tracking, zone management, alerts and historical data for audit purposes within mining operations.

Effective and reliable

The successful deployment and high customer satisfaction led to an expansion of the project, with an additional 450 Smart Badges ordered within six months, totalling over 800 badges.

This expansion demonstrates Mina Justa’s confidence in the effectiveness and reliability of the solution provided by StraconTech, reinforcing its commitment to safety.

To ensure the utmost security and credibility of the solution, a thorough audit conducted by PwC verified the robustness and integrity of the system.

In addition to advanced technology and certifications, StraconTech provided comprehensive on-site training to mine workers, empowering them to effectively use the devices and take full advantage of the safety features.

“A testament to our commitment”

StraconTech expresses great satisfaction with this successful deployment, showcasing their commitment to excellence and contributing to the advancement of worker safety in mining.

Jonathan Prieto Abasolo, CTO , STRACON Technologies stated: “The project at Mina Justa is not only a technological achievement but also a testament to our commitment to customer satisfaction.

“We are proud to have partnered with them and to have delivered a solution that significantly improves the safety of mine workers.

“We are grateful for the support of our strategic partners, Actility and Abeeway, who played crucial roles in the success of this project.“

According to the company, this innovative solution showcases Mina Justa’s commitment to employee wellbeing and demonstrates its proactive adoption of advanced technology for operational excellence.

“The power of collaboration and innovation”

Olivier Hersent, CEO, Actility concluded: “It’s gratifying to see our technology contributing to the significant enhancement of worker safety at Mina Justa.

“This project exemplifies the power of collaboration and innovation.

“The success and expansion of this solution inspire us to continue pushing the boundaries of IoT for a safer and more efficient world.”

Mina Justas

Peru’s Mina Justa operates copper mines, including Marcona and the Mina Justa red metal project in the south.


StraconTech enhances operations, reduces risks and increases safety in industries across Chile, Peru, Mexico, Ecuador and Colombia.


Abeeway is a leader in low-power geolocation for IoT, providing eco-friendly solutions through unique tracking devices and an efficient system optimised for LoRaWAN.


Actility leads in LPWAN industrial-grade IoT connectivity with the ThingPark platform, trusted by over 50 LoRaWAN providers worldwide, offering a range of interoperable solutions through ThingPark market.

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