Programmable key-based access control helps utility to improve staff health and safety

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The responsibilities of the modern facilities manager combine site security with employee health and safety. At Hydreaulys, a French water and waste management utility, a simple switch to programmable key-based access control helped them make improvements on both counts.

Complex security and workflow challenges throughout the utilities sector can push static, mechanical master-key systems beyond their limit. To upgrade their mechanical locking system, the Hydreaulys facilities team prioritised access control technology which was already trusted in the sector — and supplied by a global manufacturer with deep industry expertise.

Quality guidelines laid down by the utility’s Group Risk Manager were stringent: Alongside filtering access, the locking system should ensure only those with clearance can access potentially hazardous materials stored. Safety and security at their sites must go hand in hand.

Filtering access for employee safety

The solution was eCLIQ. Its programmable cylinders and padlocks are wire-free, so swapping existing mechanical locking for eCLIQ electronic access control was quick and easy. Installation did not require any cabling: Power is provided by the battery inside each user key. As a result, security and site safety are improved, because unauthorised staff are kept away from potentially dangerous materials.

Now, no one can handle risky products without access authorisation, which is programmed on their personal eCLIQ key and changed whenever needed. Secure system management via the web-based CLIQ Web Manager software puts Hydreaulys’ security managers in total control of access rights: They can filter by building, zone, function or time period.

“Access control needs flexibility as our organisation and management of the site is evolving and the reliable eCLIQ system is evolving with us,” says Jean-Pascal Chuzel, Deputy Agency Director at Water France – Paris Seine Ouest.

Proven security that is tough enough for any conditions

Devices in the eCLIQ range are robust enough for the demanding environment of a wastewater treatment site: Alongside weather and extreme climate, eCLIQ devices are also resistant to chemicals, humidity and reagents. Their durability saves Hydreaulys both the time and cost of replacing locks regularly.

With its new eCLIQ electronic access control system, Hydreaulys has total flexibility in issuing access rights. Fine-grained access permissions ensure only accredited staff and visitors enter designated areas of their premises — enhancing safety. And because every interaction between key and lock is recorded and can be checked, thefts have been reduced.

When a key does go missing, it is easily blocked by the facilities management team, maintaining the security, health and safety of everyone who works at or visits Hydreaulys.

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