Squire unveils ‘world-leading’ smart electronic security at Intersec

squire inigma key and cylinder

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British security manufacturer Squire will launch one of the world’s most secure smart lock systems for remote control access at Intersec, with its new generation Inigma electronic high security padlocks and cylinders.

Squire’s advanced Inigma digital Bluetooth security system provides convenient, secure access control for remote locations, from just one user to many thousands of users. Designed and engineered by Squire, Inigma electronic technology takes lock security to the highest level and has been tested the highest level. Using smartphone access, what makes Inigma different is that just one app can control multiple cylinders and padlocks.

From offices, substations, mobile and modular buildings, data storage cabinets, electricity panels, student accommodation to healthcare facilities and medical cabinets. Using Bluetooth BLE communication, the Inigma wireless access control system works by connecting the smart locks to a secure cloud server via a mobile network and a clever smartkey.

Just one key can open over 10,000 locks, and it can record over 10,000 locks visited. Lost or stolen smart keys can be blacklisted or deleted, and there is a multi-function LED (green, red, orange) with low charge indicator.  The key works in tandem with a smartphone to provide near-real-time functionality, including key re-validation and permission changes, all co-ordinated from the Inigma app. And the key is rechargeable, it only needs to be recharged every three to four months based on normal use.

Features of the Inigma system – which is Android and Apple IOS compatible – include ultra-secure end-to-end AES 256-bit military grade technology, an easy-to-use interface and extremely flexible scheduling and grouping, enabling the implementation of complex security schemes. It also provides a comprehensive audit trail of locks visited, enables access to be given or revoked easily, and it supports online and remote programming.

User friendly and easy to use, all the user needs is the smartkey and smartphone. Low cost and easy to install, it requires no hard wiring or expensive authorisers.  Inigma is available across a range of Squire products including euro cylinders and Squire’s formidable high security Stronghold range of padlocks and Marine range. Security cylinders are available as double Euro profile and Kik cylinders, and the key features a low battery warning indicator light. The electronics are located on the inside of the door for extra protection.

Features of the Inigma Stronghold padlock range, which comes in many sizes and shackle variants, include solid hardened steel lock body, electrophoretic anti-corrosion finish, hardened boron alloy steel shackle, anti-drill protection and high corrosion resistance for harsh environments. The integration with Stronghold brings added reassurance that the padlocks themselves have been tested in-house, as proof they can withstand the harshest of attack and most of the extra high security Stronghold range has the added benefit of being CEN tested and approved.

Today, Squire is recognised for some of the technologically advanced products in lock making, such as the new ultra-high security SS100 padlock, designed as the world’s strongest production padlock.

This outstanding dual cylinder padlock is 100mm wide and is the only padlock ever to achieve LPCB SR4 rating (not as a set). Available as open and closed shackle versions, the SS100CS features a mega 4.3kg solid steel lock body which is capable of a tensile pull of over 24 tonnes, equivalent to the weight of two double decker buses.

The Squire name has been at the forefront of lock making since 1780, with a great British history carried down through eight generations, unrivalled in its experience. Squire manufactures some of the most advanced lock designs on the market for commercial, home and two-wheel security – cylinders, padlocks, combination locks, multi-purpose lock and chain sets, security cables, bolts, hasps and staples, and security accessories. Its range of top security products are tested to global security and fire safety standards to ensure the finest tolerances, reliability and outstanding performance.

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