Spectrami introduces CYR3CON’s AI-driven cybersecurity prediction software to the Middle East


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Spectrami, the Middle East cyber security value-added distributor, has announced a distribution partnership with AI-driven cybersecurity prediction software platform, CYR3CON.


CYR3CON – recently named a ‘Distinguished Vendor’ in the 2021 Security Annual report published by TAG Cyber – has developed an AI-driven cybersecurity prediction software platform to offer prioritised vulnerability analysis to enterprises in the region.

The company uses artificial intelligence, combined with data mined from mine hacker communities, to predict which vulnerabilities are likely to be exploited. This allows companies to effectively manage their security workload.

Enterprises throughout the region will now be able to compare their known vulnerabilities with CYR3CON analysis to plan an evidence-based path forward for their security programs; this will ultimately save time and resources, mitigating the highest risks to their organizations.

Spectrami “glad to introduce CYR3CON in the region”

Anand Choudha, CEO for Spectrami remarked: “It is our constant endeavour to search for bleeding edge technologies that are applicable to the needs of enterprises in the region.”

“We are glad to introduce CYR3CON in the region and this partnership will provide regional enterprises with a CYR3CON Predicted Threat Assessment (PreTA) that returns information about the company’s vulnerabilities that are likeliest to be targeted by malicious actors, instead of a long list of undifferentiated patch items.”

Spectrami is one of the fastest growing cyber security value-added distributors in the region with a focus on providing advanced security products and solutions across the Middle East.

The distributor has a strong network of channel partners spread across the region, and it works closely with partners and their customers to offer them the most innovative and advanced cyber security solutions.

CYR3CON “excited” by new partnership

CYR3CON’s CEO, Paulo Shakarian, also commented: “We’re excited to partner with Spectrami as they continue to bring innovative products to market in this region.”

“We look forward to building on the successful partnerships they’ve developed with their customers by offering PR1ORITY, the industry’s most accurate predictive scorer of weaponized exploits.”

For more information on Spectrami and CYR3CON, visit: www.spectrami.com and https://www.cyr3con.ai/

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