Spectra Logic partners with Wasabi Technologies


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Spectra Logic has announced a partnership with Wasabi Technologies which will see the latter’s cloud storage integrate with the Spectra Vail unified data management solution.

Spectra Vail customers can take advantage of Wasabi’s storage service – with no fees for egress or API requests – to further optimise data storage costs and accessibility across cloud and on-premises infrastructure.

Vail enables organisations to extend their data centres by ensuring that data resides in the location where it brings the most value and at optimal cost. This announcement builds upon Spectra’s previous integration of Wasabi with Spectra StorCycle software for digital preservation.

“As enterprise data continues to grow, IT professionals are turning to cloud storage for the instant scalability and flexibility that the cloud offers,” said Whit Jackson, Vice President, Technology Alliances and Media & Entertainment, Wasabi Technologies.

“However, this raises the challenge of managing data between on-premises and cloud storage in an efficient, intuitive and cost-effective manner.

“With Spectra Vail software, organisations can easily manage data from a single view across virtually any environment and move data in and out of Wasabi hot cloud storage without incurring ingress or egress fees, thereby enabling true storage cost optimisation.”

Betsy Doughty, Vice President, Corporate Marketing, Spectra Logic added: “With most industries experiencing massive data growth, many IT customers are planning ahead to accommodate future data expansion.

“Spectra Vail software in combination with Wasabi enables organisations to enhance their data centres by providing the ability to transfer data back and forth seamlessly to the most optimal storage tier, whether that be on-premises, in Wasabi’s cloud storage, or both.”

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