Southwest Microwave addresses evolving perimeter protection needs


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Southwest Microwave has expanded its suite of intelligent microwave sensor technologies with the introduction of the IP-based INTREPID Model 336-POE and Model 316-POE Digital Microwave Links. These all-weather, Power over Ethernet (POE) sensors make reliable perimeter security more accessible than ever­, coupling field-proven RF detection performance with secure network connectivity.

Superior detection performance
With a range of 457 metres (Model 336-POE) or 122 metres (CE-rated Model 316-POE), these sensors are ideal for the protection of fence lines, open areas, gates, entryways, walls or rooftops. The sensors employ advanced digital signal processing algorithms to optimise discrimination between intrusion attempts and environmental disturbances, mitigating risk of site compromise while preventing nuisance alarms. The system recognises unique profiles of intruders walking, running or jumping through the detection field, offers enhanced crawl and vehicle detection and optimises performance in narrow corridors.

Along with instantly triggering an alarm when an intrusion attempt is detected, the sensor alerts on unexpected changes in microwave alignment signal. A configuration security feature also provides notification when changes to device settings are attempted, ensuring that only approved modifications are implemented.

Seamless set-up and management
Employing a single Ethernet cable for power and data transmission, each sensor operates as a network element, significantly reducing wiring requirements and seamlessly integrating with other IP/POE-based security devices, such as cameras and access control systems. The sensor features an on-board network server for set-up and control that supports multiple ports and sessions.

Sensor configuration, alignment and testing are handled using an embedded, browser-based Installation Setup Tool (IST), eliminating the need for software installation and simplifying device administration or diagnostics.

“These sensors have integrated security with convenience,” said Maira Zanrosso, Southwest Microwave’s Director of Sales and Marketing. “They successfully pair Southwest Microwave’s superior microwave intrusion detection capabilities with the ability to access and manage a sensor, at any time, from any location by any authenticated PC or handheld device connected to the network.”                                                                                                                              

Alarm monitoring is handled via Southwest Microwave’s server-based POE control module (CM-POE) or through an available no-cost SDK that simplifies high-level interface to third-party physical security information management (PSIM) or video management systems (VMS). Learn more about INTREPID POE System Controllers.

“These sensors’ inherent POE capabilities and IP connectivity for communications allow us to deliver measurable cost and time-savings benefits to our customers,” said Zanrosso. “These network-based technologies successfully address today’s risk mitigation requirements, while achieving the goal of simplified security infrastructure.”

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