Sophos named as CVE Numbering Authority

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Sophos has recently been named a Common Vulnerability and Exposure (CVE) Numbering Authority (CNA) in the CVE program, a recognised international standard for identifying and naming cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

Sophos and CVE

With this status, Sophos is authorised to assign CVE identification to unique vulnerabilities within the scope of its products. Security researchers can now work directly with Sophos to open CVEs for the company’s products, making the process of reporting issues and assigning CVEs more straightforward.

The CVE program is an international, community-based effort that maintains a community-driven, open data registry of vulnerabilities. The program catalogs CVEs in a publicly available registry that is available to security researchers, vulnerability disclosers and information technology vendors. Using a common identifier makes it easier to share and cross-check data across the industry’s several and separate security databases and tools that track vulnerabilities.

“Another example of our commitment to being transparent”

Ross McKerchar, Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer at Sophos, remarked: “Sophos’ new status as a CNA is another example of our commitment to being transparent, and by having the ability to assign CVEs, we can provide the industry with pertinent information about our products faster. This allows organisations to more quickly assess security issues, determine the scale of urgency and prioritise updates.

“Sophos’ CVEs will also get entered into the multiple CVE-compatible databases within the industry. By working collectively on these databases with other vendors and industry standards watchguards, we can together improve defences against persistent attackers.”

“The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures Team welcomes Sophos as our newest CVE Numbering Authority. Sophos has a strong reputation of contributing to the global digital security community, producing antivirus, encryption and cybersecurity capabilities for over 30 years,” added Kent Landfield, CVE board member.

“Their experience brings real value to the CVE Program. We are very pleased to have Sophos as a contributing member of the CVE Team.”

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