SolidEDGE camera system unveiled by Hanwha Vision

SolidEDGE camera system unveiled by Hanwha Vision

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Hanwha Vision has confirmed the release of its new SolidEDGE solution.

The serverless camera system – which utilises SSD storage and an embedded WAVE VMS server – is cloud-managed, efficient and cost-effective.

According to the company, the new surveillance solution meets the demand for security operations requiring multi-camera recording, remote access and on-premises system management.

“Practical, convenient and efficient”

The SolidEDGE camera is available in two models, the PNV-A6081R-E1T (1TB onboard storage capacity) and PNV-A6081R-E2T (2TB).

Featuring a customisable and flexible system structure, each SolidEDGE camera can connect and record up to five additional cameras, bringing the total number of cameras in a system to six.

With heightened scalability and flexibility, Hanwha’s new product allows any organisation to customise and grow their surveillance systems based on specific needs.

Miguel Lazatin, Senior Director of Marketing, Hanwha Vision America commented: “Customers are looking for practical, convenient and efficient ways to conduct surveillance.

“Traditional video surveillance systems require a separate server to manage cameras, events, recording and playback, which can quickly become costly and time-consuming to set up and maintain.

“With the SolidEDGE serverless camera system, organisations can take control of their surveillance and cost-effectively customise a solution that makes the most sense for their operations.”

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