ISJ Exclusive: Extending smartcard solutions with mobile access

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LEGIC Connect Go enables providers to quickly launch new mobile services that allow users to request credentials on-demand and around-the-clock.

The award winning software service gives users self-service, permissioned access to business applications using their smartphones such as smart locks, rental scooters, storage lockers or virtual mobile keys for shared vehicles.

It supports established smartcard processes and value chains, making it easy to extend existing smartcard services with a mobile app.

Give access to trusted users or paying customers on-demand

A key feature of LEGIC Connect Go is the ability for service providers to distribute credentials easily and quickly to smartphones of authorised users without the need to know the identity of service users in advance – this allows service users to serve themselves by requesting their credentials anytime and on-demand.

Service providers do not require their own complicated 24/7 service backend – a simple piece of software running on a laptop or PC is sufficient. This allows service providers to focus on their customer-facing mobile app and market launch.

Perfect extension for smartcard solutions

The workflows and setup of the service follow established processes and value chains of the smartcard world, allowing providers to keep existing processes intact. LEGIC Connect Go extends smartcard-based solutions into the mobile world while allowing service providers to leverage smartphone-supported features such as PIN and facial recognition which protects against unauthorised use should a phone be lost or stolen.

If required, all solutions can later be extended with additional features by migrating to the highly versatile, full-featured service LEGIC Connect that allows complex real time backends to integrate and finely manage user accounts and credential life cycles.

Upload credentials upfront and let LEGIC take care of the rest!

With LEGIC Connect Go, services benefit from mobile credentials created and uploaded in advance (see 1 in diagram below). Service providers can then provision or sell the corresponding credential code to users as fits their service, e.g., as QR code or deep link via email or text message.

Afterwards, customers can go offline and leave it to LEGIC Connect Go to automatically handle requests and deliver mobile credentials on-demand. LEGIC Connect Go comes with an SDK that enables a mobile app to allow users to register for and use shared resources quickly, easily and round-the-clock based on pre-configured credentials.

LEGIC Connect Go gives users mobile access to your access, storage, hospitality and mobility services

The high-availability software service is accessible worldwide and round-the-clock, whenever and wherever authorised end users request them.

Plug & Play access with a mobile app

With LEGIC Connect Go, makers of contactless locks for private homes and apartments can sell their NFC/Bluetooth enabled locks not only with physical smartcard keys, but also with ready-to-use QR codes and a mobile app that gives users instant smartphone access to their homes or offices. The lock maker requires no 24/7 service, LEGIC takes care of it for them! 

Scales with your service needs

Planning on extending your service offering? LEGIC Connect Go provides the perfect migration path from basic plug-and-play deployment to full-featured solutions provided by LEGIC Connect.

LEGIC is a world leader in mobile credentialing technology, providing smartphone access technology to some of the world’s largest hospitality chains. Leverage LEGIC’s proven Trusted Services to enable your services to “Go Mobile”.

Visit LEGIC at IFSEC International 2022, ExCeL London at Booth IF2600 to find out more information.

For more details, visit: www.legic.com/connect or contact [email protected] 

This article was originally published in the May edition of ISJ. To read your FREE digital copy, click here.

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