How smart logistics management helps you boost performance and security


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The question for every logistics company is how to maximise performance and supply chain security. The latest generation of smart logistics solutions can help, with tools for optimised vehicle and dock management, end-to-end order tracking, fleet management, employee health & safety and more, says Harvey Zheng, Senior Solution Manager for Logistics Industry at Hikvision.

Supply chain globalisation, the booming e-commerce market and rising demand for manufactured goods have all driven growth in the logistics industry. To take full advantage of this industry boom, logistics companies need to maximise their performance and throughput, while tracking and securing many thousands of orders and deliveries every day.

But optimising logistics operations is easier said than done. One major issue is that logistics managers often lack the real-time information they need to make fast, accurate decisions. For example, they may not be able to see which facilities are experiencing performance issues, which orders have been delayed and why, or which partners are missing their delivery SLAs.

The solution: Next-generation logistics management solutions

To solve these and other challenges, more companies are turning to advanced technology for help. They’re implementing the equipment, applications, software and tools needed to gain better visibility and control over their logistics operations.

Next-generation logistics management solutions also make the global supply chain more customer-centric and sustainable. By automating logistics processes, for instance, organisations can enhance the productivity and efficiency of their workflows; increase transparency and traceability in their supply chains; and maintain flexible and dynamic relationships with their stakeholders. 

The role of smart video in logistics management

One key technology for next-generation logistics management is smart video, an evolution of the cameras that companies have been using in their warehouses, distribution centres (DCs) and yards for decades.

While traditional cameras were used for security monitoring only, smart video solutions use AI, machine learning and other advanced technologies to boost efficiency, productivity and even worker health and safety.

The top benefits of smart video

By taking the decision to deploy smart video solutions as part of their logistics management environment, companies can:

Enhance personnel management and health and safety
With AI algorithms that send alerts automatically if employees are not wearing the required protective equipment, or if they get to close to dangerous machinery, for example.

Optimise vehicle and dock management
With dashboards that display the status of each loading dock in real time, which allow vehicles to load and unload more quickly and help to maximise efficiency and throughput.

Improve goods and order tracking
Based on the ability to create an automated, secure and fully trackable goods management process. This supports the secure flow of goods at one site (or across multiple sites) and includes solutions for accurate, secure goods scanning, tracking and delivery.

Increase site security
Based on perimeter protection solutions that provide crystal-clear video footage, even in zero-light environments. Radar and dome cameras can also be combined to detect any unauthorised people or vehicles entering the site; and to trigger automated alerts for any suspicious movements.

Optimise fleet management
with on-board infrastructure that monitors vehicles’ interiors and their surroundings. These systems also feature a powerful software platform for live view, video playback, GIS map locations, device health monitoring, fuel consumption checking, goods quality monitoring, emergency alarms and more.

Find out more

To find out more about smart logistics solutions and how they can help your business maximise performance and security, read the new whitepaper by Logistics Management and Hikvision.

You can also read about Hikvision’s end-to-end portfolio of Logistics Park solutions on its website, or contact the company to discuss your specific logistics management needs and challenges.

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