Smart locking solution secures infrastructure site in Australia

Smart locking

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An Australian telecommunications infrastructure developer has partnered with iLOQ.

Waveconn will utilise the company’s smart locking solution which is battery-free and keyless.

Smart locking partnership

The iLOQ smart locking solution features a cylinder that harvests operating energy from the NFC field generated by a smartphone for unlocking.

By utilising the solution, Waveconn will ensure auditable access management across its network.

According to the company, the solution has been integrated into the Waveconn Access Permits System.

This means that access rights for opening lock cylinders are sent to the iLOQ app running on an end user’s smartphone.

Not only does this enhance convenience, it removes the need for employees or site operators to carry physical keys.

“We are excited to take this digital journey”

“Waveconn has demonstrated a culture of innovation and is at the forefront of global thinking on the use and implementation of iLOQ products for integrated telecommunications access management,” stated Ivan Roman, iLOQ Global Key Account Manager, TELECOM.

“By pioneering the use of our battery-free smart locks in the Australian market, Waveconn are both securing their assets and fulfilling their sustainability obligations.

“We are excited to take this digital journey with them.”

Damien Dalgleish, Executive Director Operations, Waveconn added: “After nearly six years of working with digital lock integration, Waveconn has a clear vision for our on-site security.

“With the iLOQ digital platform as our foundation, we are extremely well positioned to deliver our goals of innovation, enhanced security and operational efficiency.

“Having iLOQ, a global leader, as our partner allows us to accelerate our roadmap features such as smart scheduling for multi-user sites, integration with enhanced ID management tools and location-based access controls.”


iLOQ operates in more than 30 countries with over 1,600 partner locations globally.

In 2022, the company had a turnover of €132.9m and more than 300 employees.

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