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New Smart-barox MOBOTIX HUB plug-in provides greater control


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barox Kommunikation AG has released a new plug-in that greatly extends user control for the MOBOTIX HUB VMS.

Underlining barox’s ethos of offering network solutions tailored to the needs of the modern video security market, the new DMS SNMP plug-in extends MOBOTIX HUB usability.

By enabling easy integration to the barox Ethernet switch range, deep control and management of the MOBOTIX HUB provides users and installers with a very helpful video network tool, delivering minimal device setup time and labour costs for the configuration and operation of any video network.

In addition, the barox MOBOTIX HUB plug-in allows seamless VMS access to special switch functionality, allowing installers and operators to better manage their security network and connected devices.

Available at your fingertips, Smart-barox provides a live graphical overview of network topology with a host of invaluable network information. With Smart-barox, VMS system diagnostic data shows the status of cameras and switches, allowing the fast pinpointing of network and device issues.

“barox designs all of its products to address the specialist requirements of video surveillance networks,” said Rudolf Rohr, barox Co-founder & Managing partner.

“Smart-barox continues that tradition by supplying a MOBOTIX DMS SNMP plug-in that allows installers to reduce their equipment replacement costs and keep network downtime to a minimum, saving costs by minimising network set-up time and avoidable journeys to site.

“As a company, barox designs products to address the specialist requirements that are essential to the efficient operation of IP video surveillance networks.

“Sharing more than two decades of innovation, together, as an all-European brand solution, barox and MOBOTIX are proud to deliver the benefits of simple device integration, product quality and performance, all backed with local customer support.”

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