SIRA: A supporting partner of Intersec 2023


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The Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA) enjoyed a very successful show at Dubai World Trade Centre from 17-19 January 2023.

SIRA and all its various departments took part in Intersec with the aim of exhibiting its security systems, smart innovations, pioneering solutions and updated services offered in the various security fields, especially in the private security sector.

The SIRA team actively participated in seminars and conferences held during Intersec which addressed the most important security challenges, with the aim of keeping up to date with the best practices in the security field adopted by the various local and international agencies.

On its stand at the exhibition, SIRA displayed a number of its innovative security systems developed in the foundation’s laboratories, the most important of which is the Madar – a system that tracks moving objects of various sizes and types using GPS technology. It’s one of the largest systems of its kind in the region.

The Standards and Control Department participated, for the first time, in the “Security Studio”, a game for planning security systems in commercial establishments, through which surveillance cameras and alarm devices can be installed in the plans. This game aims to raise awareness and the culture of security for the public. The Security Systems and Equipment Laboratory, in turn, participated in displaying the equipment subject to standards tests in the institution.

One of the innovations of the laboratory is a box designed to examine security cameras in the external and internal environment, regardless of their size or weight. The box contains a thermal system and lights that are controlled by a program outside the box, which facilitates examination.

The Security Training Affairs Department also participated by displaying a device to check the body mass of security guards. The department highlighted eight security programs and courses — the Security Guards Course and Event Guard Course, the Security Supervisors Course, the Security Managers Course, the Security Devices Operators Course, the Security Devices Technician Course, the Security Devices Engineers Course and the Transfer of Money and Valuables Course, which in turn, targeted personnel in the private security sector, licensed by SIRA.

At the exhibition this year, the Licensing and Permits Department displayed the permit system for hazardous materials in the Emirate of Dubai. And, for the first time, the Security Professionals Association (SPA) participated on the SIRA stand for a more effective communication with security experts, whether they were visitors or exhibitors.

On its stand, SIRA organised security awareness sessions and educational workshops for its visitors, through which engineers spearheaded the following topics: Changes to the technical manual; exception requests for image density use; code for security consulting schemes; best practices for successful security consulting.

In addition, during Intersec 2023, SIRA exclusively presented a museum in which it showcased rare security equipment, owing back to the first generation of surveillance cameras and security systems with a simple explanation for each piece in both English and Arabic.

SIRA Forum – Security Pioneer for Sustainable Protection

SIRA’s participation at Intersec was not limited to stand events, but also extended to playing an awareness-raising role, with SIRA’s team and engineers taking part in a number of seminars and conferences held during the event – this included the participation of Eng. Arif Al Janahi, who led the Security Leader’s Conference on day one. SIRA also organised the ‘SIRA Forum’, which extended until day three of the exhibition.

The conference included discussion sessions offered by Mr. Mohamed Saleh and Asma Abdel Hamid, followed by open discussion sessions run by the teams from the Licensing and Permits Department, and the Standard and Control Department who answered questions from companies and individuals regarding SIRA services, stemming from its care to maintain open communication channels with the public to provide the best services and to make customers happy.

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

Stemming from the great importance SIRA gives to the opportunities of mutual cooperation with major players in the security field – with the aim of continuously developing the private security sector – SIRA signed two MoU, one with Hikvision and the other with Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD).

His Excellency Khalifa Ibrahim Al Saleis, CEO & Executive Director, SIRA signed an MoU with Pensin Show, Regional Manager, Middle East & North Africa (MENA), Hikvision. This MoU aims to continuously develop the security sector organised by SIRA, by cooperating with experts in this industry from all around the world to exchange experiences and keep abreast of the latest technological solutions and innovations in the field.

This mutual agreement aims to boost their partnership to make the best use of the latest technologies provided by Hikvision, led by AI technologies, IoT and more, in addition to enhancing cooperation in the field of research, development and innovation of specialist security systems.

Stemming from the great importance SIRA gives to the opportunities of mutual cooperation with security authorities and service providers, so as to promote the level of services provided to customers and the advantages given to SIRA employees, an MoU was also signed with CBD for the provision of direct banking services to both SIRA’s customers and employees through a number of facilities in procedures and applications to the various services – especially in relation to cutting down the application term and the ability of submitting applications.

Under this MoU, CBD’s sales team will also be present on a regular basis at SIRA’s HQ, according to the timetable to be declared around the year. The MoU was signed by HE and Fahd Al Muhairi, General Manager, CBD.

Intersec Awards

At a gala dinner held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, DIFC, Messe Frankfurt Middle East celebrated award winners in various categories including security, safety, and fire protection. Eng. Arif Al Janahi played an important role as a Member of the Intersec Awards Judging Panel whilst Adil Abdel-Hadi, Director, Aman Security Training – SIRA’s strategic partner – was honoured for his Outstanding Commitment to the Industry.


SIRA’s stand witnessed great footfall from visitors and participants, in addition to international delegations and partners, not to mention positive feedback about design and location. The Corporate Communication Department carefully selected an innovative design for this Intersec session that was technological, modern and effective, in relation to the distribution of various departments, while maintaining SIRA’s unique visual identity.

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