Sharry enhances workplace management platform with advanced AI and analytics

Sharry enhances workplace management platform with advanced AI and analytics

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An online platform launched to allow users to efficiently manage workplace experiences has been enhanced.

Sharry’s PortalWX – designed as a ‘one-stop shop’ for managing the entire workplace experience – has updated features including a new generation of Sharry Insights analytics.

The platform also boasts an integrated AI writing assistant which will enable property and office managers to swiftly create, rewrite or translate content for tenants and employees.

Creating flexible, adaptable workplaces

As many companies across the world continue to operate with a hybrid work model, employers and landlords are facing new challenges.

By utilising the new PortalWX, they are able to flexibly adapt workplace operations based on accurate data insights and streamline experiences for employees and guests.

According to Sharry, teams using PortalWX can set up workplace access and permissions for a new colleague in the blink of an eye.

Moreover, the platform allows them to grant fast and secure access with an employee badge in Apple Wallet, set permissions to book a meeting room and more.

AI and analytics assist managers and administrators

“We empower property managers and enterprise administrators to hire our AI writing assistant as a copywriter who is ready 24/7 to help them create content for users,” describes Ondřej Langr, Chief Product Officer, Sharry.

“With only one click, managers can easily set a content tone of voice or translate it.”

PortalWX is also powered by a new generation of Sharry Insights, the workplace and office analytics, helping managers understand what’s happening in their office.

Sharry Insights 2.0 combines data from different sources in one place and presents them in a very clear form, enabling decisions to be made based on data, not assumptions.

“With Sharry Insights 2.0, we’re bringing clarity to complexity,” added Langr.

“By gathering and interpreting data from multiple sources, we enable decision making that is driven by facts, not assumptions. It’s a new era of workplace management.”

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