Sharjah ‘Safe City’ project nears completion after installation of 10,000 security cameras

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Police in Sharjah, UAE, have confirmed that 10,000 security cameras worth Dh40 million (approximately US$11,000,000), have been installed across the city as part of a major safety project, reports Khaleej Times.

The ‘Sharjah is a Safe City’ project – which launched in 2017 – is now in its third phase with the installation of these advanced surveillance systems.

The project itself has overseen the installation of cameras in government buildings and facilities, factories, hotels, banks, shopping centres and hospitals. Moreover, they have been installed in large commercial companies, residential and commercial buildings and mosques.

The surveillance cameras – which are linked to a Police-overseen analytical system and data store – are capable of providing warning signals when suspicious movements are detected, with AI offering additional support.

The safety initiative has so far been highly successful, with crime rates decreasing and emergency response times improving.

Brigadier-General Ahmed Haji Al Serkal, Director-General of the Police Operations Department, has recently inspected the cameras’ operations and approves of their quality.

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