Sensry and LEGIC develop NextGenXDK multi-sensor device


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Germany-based Sensry and Swiss-based LEGIC Identsystems have partnered to create the NextGenXDK multi-sensor device.

The new solution is said to empower rapid implementation for a wide array of IoT applications requiring secure and managed sensor access and end-to-end data security.


According to LEGIC, the multi-sensor device combines up to 20 sensor outputs with secure mobile access control technology from LEGIC.

Working out of the box, the NextGenXDK allows users to rapidly develop secure, permission-based IoT sensor deployments managed by standard iOS or Android devices.

The device fully integrates with the LEGIC Connect mobile security platform.

To withstand industrial environments, the NextGenXDK boasts a ruggedised design, including a water-resistant enclosure and an industry standard M8 connector.

“Secure NextGenXDK multi-sensor device”

“Obtaining reliable Industrial IoT data depends on linking verified users with trusted sensors and objects so that their interactions are authorised and accountable,” commented Dirk Behrens, Head of Sales and Marketing, Sensry.

“Our secure NextGenXDK multi-sensor device is ideal for business critical IoT monitoring applications in logistics, power generation, manufacturing, healthcare, finance, government, transportation, aviation and high security access control.”

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