Sensata Technologies creates new pressure sensing solutions for access control applications


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New Switches, Relays and Pressure sensing solutions from Sensata Technologies, a manufacturer of sensors for industrial applications, are helping to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of access control equipment installed in a range of demanding and often remote environments.

New devices have been launched to address the three key concerns that design engineers have in creating new access control solutions: space – new designs require smaller components for applications where space is at a premium; performance – components have to work reliably and efficiently, even in extremes of temperature or where vibration or other disturbances can be an issue; and reliability – access control solutions must have a durable life cycle to reduce unnecessary repair and maintenance costs.

Sensata’s latest range of Switches and Relays are used to switch motors or pumps that are key to a range of access control systems including barriers, roller shutters and rising curbs. The latest Solid State Relays (SSRs) – including the new DRC Series – reduce power consumption and wear and tear on various components within the equipment, therefore improving operational performance and reducing costly downtime and repairs. They are especially designed for high volume operations where reliability is key.

Pressure Sensors and Switches, including the latest HDC Series, are used in access control applications that use hydraulic systems. They are typically used in the design of the pump station that controls the rising and lowering of the unit (such as a tail lift or disabled ramp). Pressure ranges in these applications typically range from 100- to 260-PSI and require accuracy but must also be cost effective.

Sensata’s latest Position Sensors are critical to the elements of access control systems that rely on the position of an object. This could be an arm of a gate or a roller of a door. The latest position sensors – including the recently launched ACW/TCW and 9960 Series Hall Effect sensors – are contactless and rugged in construction, making them ideal for access control applications that are exposed to extremes of weather and where the reduced cost of maintenance is an important concern.

The same is also true of the latest range of Motor Protection components (such as the AC Off-Winding Motor Protector) that protect the motor from failing, thus preventing the commensurate disruption to business and increased costs of repairs.


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