Security innovations showcased at SICUREZZA 2023


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Digital transition, cybersecurity, customisation, efficiency, sustainability, training and the valorisation of public-private partnerships: These are the topics of discussion that characterised the latest edition of SICUREZZA, which closed at Fiera Milano, Italy on 17 November.

This enthusiasm was reinforced by the strategic MIBA-Milan International Building Alliance, of which SICUREZZA is a part together with SMART BUILDING EXPO, MADE expo and GEE-Global Elevator Exhibition.

This proposal has significant numbers that confirm MIBA as a winning proposition: More than 80,000 operators from 111 countries met the 1,350 exhibitors; all enriched by a solid campaign to recruit profiled top buyers with high spending power, identified in collaboration with the ITA-ICE Agency.


SICUREZZA 2023 showcased the most innovative security and fire proposals, and also enhanced them, thanks to MIBA, in a wider scenario focusing on the evolution of buildings and cities in a smart direction.

There were three main trends on offer: Digitisation and high technology, necessary for ensuring quality and integration for each service; customisation, to meet the increasingly diverse needs of customers and application sectors, in terms of functionality and scalability as well as design; efficiency in consumption and operations to meet user demands for energy and cost savings, but also for comfort and accessibility.

These trends are linked to each other under the banner of an integrated approach, involving a new understanding of how to manage spaces.

CCTV, fire prevention, intrusion detection, access control and passive security are increasingly converging with each other.

The proposals presented were diverse and evolved, capable of exploiting AI, deep learning and IoT to perform complex data reading and analysis automatically and quickly.

Universal protocols, apps and cloud-based management integrate and connect various services, where fire and security and safety systems are increasingly integrated with security systems, guaranteeing ease, efficiency, but also preventive maintenance.

Nowadays, video surveillance is an advanced and multifaceted intelligent mechanism, remotely managed and often integrated with other intrusion detection and home-automation services, through customised solutions for any public or private environment.

The new smart cameras are capable of autonomously tracking specific individuals or objects through established morphological parameters and can send immediate notifications via app in the event of abnormal behaviour.

Advanced CCTV systems for access control provide analytical monitoring of incoming or outgoing flows, allowing even the profiling of human or road traffic in sensitive locations.

Access control, intrusion detection and passive security systems also address digital transition and integrated customised solutions for homes, workplaces and public spaces.

The solutions are modular and can be integrated, allowing continuous updating, they can be managed by apps and each part can be customised in design.

Fire protection fits into this ecosystem, with reliable, customised and digital solutions for predictive and comprehensive monitoring of all building features, not only in residential settings but also in important infrastructures.

In public contexts, security is evolving in a highly technological and tailormade direction: SICUREZZA featured certified temporary anti-terrorism deterrents suitable for securing large events, advanced drone-detection systems capable of intervening on the aerial trajectories of suspicious drones and robot dogs.

Training and professional development

Once again this year, SICUREZZA was fertile ground for professional development, with more than 50 industry-specific training events held over the three days of the event, which complemented the MIBA training schedule.

Vigilance operators, security managers, installers, system integrators and designers all found solutions in the events at the trade fair.

Associations, publishers, certification bodies and companies were able to provide an accurate picture of a rapidly changing sector, with the intention of taking stock of today’s security industry culture, to ensure that it is recognised, disseminated and promoted, reaffirming the convergence needed between the public and private sectors.

Some of the topics discussed included: Digital transition, digital awareness of professionals and also the necessary valorisation of skills through training and certification.

In addition to digitisation, there is also the issue of efficiency, a concept underpinning the new smart building and smart city, which aim to become accessible and sustainable spaces in both environmental and human terms – and therefore safe.

The fact that many Italian associations chose to hold their own institutional meetings during the event confirmed SICUREZZA as a relevant space for discussion for the sector.

Lastly, the Cyber Security Arena events allowed us to take stock of the current situation of cybersecurity, including the objectives already achieved and the many risks still to be faced.

The next SICUREZZA event will be held from 19-21 November 2025, again as part of MIBA, which, after its successful debut, confirms its format.

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