Exclusive: Security from around the world – Part 9


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In the ninth instalment of the series, Matthew Porcelli, CPP catches up with the ASIS International Peru Chapter’s Chair who shares personal, regional insights and expertise for success for young security professionals, women in security and transitioning military/law enforcement in the private security sector:

  • Christian Bernard, CPP – ASIS Peru Chapter Chair

A message from the Chair (Christian):

The Lima Peru Chapter has a work plan that seeks to prioritise the positioning and integration of the chapter with other institutions that become strategic partners for the organisation and its members. In this way, the ASIS Peru community benefits from professional and recurring networking. These actions are shared with other chapters in LATAM with a unique, objective integration. 

For this purpose, we have sessions created to talk and discuss topics of security interest in the community of members. These events have been called “conversations”, which are disseminated through the official channels of Facebook, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp.

The Lima Peru Chapter makes a minimum of two monthly communications to our members through all the channels of communication we have available. These communications are to invite members to monthly activities such as webinars, talks, conferences, social media communications to invite attendees to become members of ASIS International, announcements of new standards and guidelines from ASIS International and events. The chapter successfully involves the security community in Peru, with volunteer leaders in communities like Woman in Security (WIS), Young Professionals, Investigations, Technology and personnel for protection.

Our Chapter promotes the work of women in security with events to recognise the contributions women make in security. It also stresses the importance of women’s’ equal and full participation as active agents in risk management.

The Young Professionals Committee of Lima Peru Chapter represents the interests of the group, focuses its activity on the strategic lines of the association, facilitates the transfer of knowledge and promotes a space to expose and disseminate news and technological advances of the security sector

2022 has inaugurated an innovative tool for the members of the chapter with the capacity to integrate all the chapters of LATAM; it is a VIRTUAL CAMPUS on the Moodle platform used by many universities around the world, which helps us organise and guarantee the continuous education of members; it is also a space to deliver management and security material, allowing you to consult bibliography, obtain advice from certified professionals and also facilitates communication between members.

In the VIRTUAL CAMPUS we have sections of:

  • Webinars and videos
  • Standards and Guidelines of ASIS International (links directly to website of ASIS International)
  • Virtual Library with four topics at the moment (Security, Strategy, Human behaviour and investigations)
  • Forum area for participants
  • Activity calendar
  • Courses
  • Security job search

The VIRTUAL CAMPUS does not only have Peruvian ASIS members, but this tool integrates ASIS Argentina, ASIS Chile, ASIS Bolivia, ASIS Uruguay, ASIS Brasil, ASIS Paraguay and more.

ASIS Peru promotes “Patronato Barrio Seguro”; this is an initiative of the private sector in alliance with Peru Government to develop a program of social attention, in Vulnerable Zones of Peru, against insecurity.

You can connect with Matthew on LinkedIn here

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