Security and Safety Things brings IoT platform for security cameras to CES 2020

Security and Safety Things

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Security and Safety Things GmbH is returning to CES in 2020 as a partner in the Bosch booth (number 12401). The company will demonstrate an open IoT ecosystem for security cameras that enables innovative applications, combining Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. These applications, provided by third party development partners, offer actionable insights and intelligence to building and site managers, as well as operators in a variety of different verticals. The IoT ecosystem from Security and Safety Things leverages the processing power and ubiquitous presence of cameras with an open operating system and plug and play approach.

The AOSP (Android open source platform) based operating system from Security and Safety Things provides a powerful, developer-friendly platform and developer community that is optimised for simple design and quick execution of innovative applications using existing building blocks for a modular approach. The cyber-resilient application platform allows for customer apps to be deployed to cameras running Security and Safety Things OS regardless of camera manufacturer, ensuring that end users and resellers have access to the most innovative and specialty solutions available in the marketplace.

“Our mission is to expand the value of modern security cameras into powerful data analysers on the edge of the network,” said Hartmut Schaper, Chief Executive Officer, Security and Safety Things. “Our ecosystem enables faster innovation by providing a standardised platform to develop innovative applications that satisfy privacy regulations and provide more sophisticated and actionable intelligence to users in security and beyond.”

On display at CES 2020 will be demonstrations of several projects at pilot customers as Security and Safety Things field tests its ecosystem to prepare for commercial launch in March. A large, interactive Showcase Dashboard will illustrate a deployment at a German luxury retail store where several applications integrated with their security cameras enabled store management to monitor the traffic pattern of customers, analyse merchandise placement and positioning and track the number of people who enter the store per hour.

Another pilot project in a large parking garage field-tested number plate recognition technology on its surveillance cameras to identify and grant access to vehicles seeking to park. Other applications to be displayed in animated detail on the booth also include mood detection, which can analyse an individual’s facial and body expressions to determine their emotional state as well as capture basic demographic data.

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