Secure Innovation unveils new ATM protection solution

ATM protection

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A global intelligent cash protection company has launched its new patented solution.

a2m passive from Secure Innovation complements the company’s existing suite of ATM protection products including core, Crimetag, ibox cassette, Remote Planet and a2m active.

a2m passive – ATM protection solution

Customers can now choose between a2m active (complete protection of cash in the ATM machine) and a2m passive (a rapidly deployable solution to prevent against ATM explosive attacks).   

According to Secure Innovation, a2m passive is slimline and is provided with ink or glue.

This means that the ATM protection solution can be inserted into the lid of any ATM cassette without reducing the capacity for banknotes. 

When fitted, any attempt to explode the ATM will immediately deploy the system – this then covers the banknotes in permanent smart ink stain or glue and makes the cash valueless.

The solutions have been unveiled in light of a demand for increased protection against explosive attacks.

There was a major increase in such attacks reported in 2022.

“An overwhelming wave”

Tony Westington, Managing Director, Secure Innovation stated: “We understand our customers have different requirements when it comes to protecting their ATM network and we are keen to offer as much choice as we possibly can. 

“Our customers know the threats facing their ATM locations more than we do and some will choose a passive system because it is cost effective and can be rapidly deployed to stop an overwhelming wave of explosive attacks.

“Longer term customers may require integrated end-to-end protection, which is where the intelligent a2m active solution comes in.

“The launch of a2m passive however, marks another milestone in our commitment to delivering cutting edge technology for the protection of people and cash.”

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