Second step achieved for Airbus in prestigious European BroadWay project


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Airbus is part of one of three selected consortia to participate in the Solution Prototype Phase (Phase 2) of the BroadWay PCP. The project aims to provide European safety organisations with new and fundamental mobile communication capability, upon which closer collaboration beyond borders can be built towards the fight against crime and terrorism and to safeguard lives when disaster hits.

The prototype, currently being developed by the Airbus consortium, will focus on the technical aspects to achieving the operational mobility of public safety responders. In other words, the aim is to give them the possibility to access and share information wherever they are and whenever needed, while maintaining the high level of security, as well as availability and continuity of the services needed during their missions.

The solution is tailored to answer multiple requirements including the flexibility to adapt the prototype to various use cases and to enable communication using shared and dedicated mobile broadband networks. The proposed architecture also provides control and security for each user organisation as well as an easy roll-out, configuration and use.

With this prototype, the Airbus consortium strives to bring unique added value and benefits to end users alike by providing them a flexible, end-to-end, roaming and group communication solution. That will allow any European country to quickly and easily join the future BroadNet network to access and share necessary information to gain in coordination, operational efficiency and to make their missions successful.

The BroadWay project groups together 11 countries of the European Union and currently covers 1.4 million of the 3.5 million responders across Europe. The Airbus consortium is composed of Airbus DS SLC (France), Belgacom International Carrier Services (BICS) (Belgium), Proximus (Belgium) and StreamWide Technology (France). Pentatech (Poland), umlaut (Germany) and Proximus Luxembourg are part of the consortium as subcontractors.

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