Security & Safety Things launches second App Challenge for development of creative solutions

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Security and Safety Things GmbH has announced the launch of its second App Challenge to spur additional creative development in video analytic applications. Through 26 April, participating developers have the opportunity to submit proposals for apps to address specific security, safety and business optimisation use cases in the retail, transportation, stadiums and entertainment and healthcare verticals.

The apps will be designed to run on smart cameras using the Security & Safety Things open camera operating system and S&ST open IoT platform, which enables cameras to run a variety of applications simultaneously to perform different functions. The camera OS is based on the developer-friendly Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

“While many vertical markets share a core set of operational needs, individual organisations also have unique requirements based on the nuances of their location, customer base or other circumstances,” said Adam Wynne, Head of the Security & Safety Things Innovation Accelerator based in Pittsburgh. “We are calling on the collective creativity and unique perspectives of the developer community to help solve distinct customer challenges, whether that’s a standalone solution or one based on a combination of different applications.”

For this year’s challenge, a variety of systems integrators responded to an S&ST survey asking for customer needs and challenges in the four vertical market categories. Based on this feedback, developers will be tasked with creating innovative video analytic applications to address a host of different use cases, including:

·      Unmanned aerial detection for drones and other flying objects in stadiums, or during large events

·      Suspicious behaviour analytics for the detection of fighting or stealing

·      Customer conversion and “out of stock” analytics in retail spaces

·      Cargo protection for the detection of vandalism and theft in parking lots and other facilities

·      Hygiene and PPE checks in healthcare facilities, as well as anomaly detection for unusual behaviour in elder-care facilities

Three winners will be chosen by a jury of 20 prominent integrators and will be awarded individual prizes of 10,000€ each. Winners will also be invited to showcase their solution at the Security & Safety Things (S&ST) booth at an upcoming event, including escon 2021, depending on the COVID-19 situation. All participating developers will be able to benefit from various co-marketing opportunities with Security & Safety Things throughout the duration of the challenge.

The winning apps from the 2020 App Challenge provided solutions for retail and commercial buildings, transportation and smart city and manufacturing and logistics categories. Overall, the challenge resulted in 20+ new applications being added to the Security & Safety Things Application Store.

How it works:

·      Developers can submit multiple proposals for more than one vertical by 26 April.

·      Proposals will be reviewed and the most promising will be chosen by the Jury to proceed with development. Developers will have from 29 April to 31 July to create their solution(s).

·      Once developed, the app will need to be uploaded to the Application Store by 31 July. S&ST and the jury will test and review the apps.

·      Winners will be chosen by the end of August.

Developers can apply by submitting their proposals by 26 April on:

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