Savoye partners with Incube as distributor of Odatio WMS and TMS software in the MENA region


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Savoye, a warehouse automation integrator and supply chain software publisher, expands its international reach by signing an agreement with the recognised software solution provider, Incube company.

Incube, one of the Middle East and North Africa’s premier supply chain mobility solutions providers, now becomes the first distributor and integrator for Savoye software solutions in the region. 

According to the agreement, Incube is now distributing and integrating Odatio, cloud native software for the supply chain, combining Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Transport Management System (TMS), developed by Savoye.

Besides establishing itself in various countries in Europe, USA, Asean region and more recently in Dubai to enter the Middle East and Saudi Arabia markets, this recently formed partnership is also part of the international development program of Savoye to boost the sales of its Odatio software and ensure that it will be available to a broader customer base across the MENA region. 

Odatio is one of Savoye’s significant software solutions in the logistics and supply chain sectors which is based on comprehensive functional coverage and flexible configuration options. The software solution is designed to increase productivity, enhance service quality, and optimise warehouse and transport resources.

 Alain Kaddoum, Managing Director Savoye Middle East said: “This strategic partnership with Incube will definitely advance and strengthen our position as a provider of supply chain and logistics solutions. Savoye has just recently entered the Middle East market, and we are looking forward for regional customers to grow their business with our innovative, scalable and tailor-made solutions such as Odatio.

With Incube as a partner, we are confident that our solution will create more impact on the supply chain and logistics sectors as they play vital roles in the region’s economic development.”

On his part, Sari Kaylani CEO of Incube supply chain solutions said: “As Incube continues to expand its products portfolio, we see that the addition of the Savoye products allows Incube to complete its offering of top-notch Supply Chain Solutions. Savoye comes with a vast experience and product offering in the domain of supply chain solutions, this sits very well with Incube’s objectives of providing best-practiced solutions to our customers.

The market in our region is developing very rapidly, and this new partnership allows us to stay on track with the evolving market needs, which is always seeking the optimisation of their business processes”.

Bruno Lacoste, Software Partnerships Director at Savoye, said: “We made a tough evaluation process in selecting the right partner for us to drive the sales of Odatio. Incube, with its expertise and strong presence, is the perfect choice in bringing Odatio to a broader customer base in the region.

“A successful digital transformation in supply chain and logistics requires more investments in redesign, new technologies and software. This is where partnerships like the one between Savoye and Incube come into play; to fully support the region’s digital transformation with innovative, flexible and cost-effective solutions. 

The region’s supply chain sector is witnessing growth driven by consistent demand for goods and commodities. Increasing volumes, diversifying preparation methods, and improving response times, coupled with strict quality requirements, require a comprehensive solution that is both flexible and efficient. Hence, many digital solutions have been put in place to tackle the issues and promote productivity. 

Solution providers in the supply chain and logistics sector such as Savoye are stepping into the game as a technology provider and helping businesses meet the needs through world-class solutions.

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