Saudi Arabia highlighted as key region of growth for Crises Control


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Having rapidly grown its network of customers across Saudi Arabia, crisis management solution provider Crises Control is expanding its offering in the region.

The company’s major KSA customers include NEOM, the Red Sea Development Company and Saudia.

As Crises Control continues to grow its footprint in Saudi Arabia, it has partnered with Unifonic and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to provide cloud hosting and telecommunications services physically located in Saudi Arabia for all Saudi-based customers.

Shalen Sehgal, CEO, Crises Control commented: “Crises Control has had a presence in KSA for a number of years now, starting with our very first customers Saudia and Saudia Cargo, but our user base in the country has recently exploded with the acquisition of other mega-clients.

“As a company we’ve found Saudi Arabia to be very welcoming to leading technology companies and an easy country to do business with. The relationships with our biggest customers in Saudi are some of the most collaborative of any region in the world.

“As a result, we’ve decided to invest for growth in the Middle East Region, and Saudi Arabia in particular, by collaborating with the leading companies in KSA driving great customer experiences for our Saudi customer base.

“We’ve found that Saudi is a great place to do business and I’m very excited about the growth potential of our existing customers in KSA as well as the opportunities for acquisition of new customers in the country.”

Ahmed Hamdan, CEO, Unifonic said: “We are happy to be partnering with Crises Control as we share a mutual interest in further developing the KSA region’s network of well-connected companies that are investing in tech infrastructure development.

“Together, we believe Unifonic and Crises Control can make a great impact in better connecting our customers and deliver a market-leading customer experience.”

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