SANS Institute introduces Flexi-Pass for security education


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The SANS Institute, the world’s largest training and certification organisation in the field of information security, has announced that users can avail the advantages of SANS Flexi-Pass until 30 June, 2020 upon purchasing the firm’s illustrious cybersecurity courses.

This includes impressive benefits such as complimentary GIAC Certification Attempt, six-month NetWars continuous training experience and Electronic courseware. Users also get full access to all of the different training formats SANS has to offer – students can conveniently opt to study at their own pace, interact with world class instructors virtually or even hone their skills with hands-on labs and rich cyber ranges.

As classroom-based trainings are currently on hold until after 1 September, SANS has put together a package to support the growing demand for cybersecurity education and to encourage technology experts on the frontlines at customer organisations to sharpen their skills and keep abreast of the times. This will empower them to secure their firms against the rising number of COVID-19-themed cyberattacks including phishing, ransomware, loaders, DDoS-attacks and so on.

SANS has recently identified a 30% increase in attacker interest in Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) servers during the month of March 2020. This increase coincides with a significant increase in exposed RDP servers, as measured by Shodan, the search engine that allows users to search the internet for connected devices.

Commenting on the company’s compelling new offer, Ned Baltagi, Managing Director, Middle East & Africa at SANS Institute, said: “Our mission is to empower current and future cybersecurity practitioners with relevant trainings and education. We are constantly listening to their needs, to best equip them in their fight against cybercriminal groups around the world who are relentlessly exploiting public fear of the current situation and increasing their activities.

“With the introduction of SANS Flexi-Pass, we are offering an exciting package for world class security education on the highest level possible including GIAC certifications and our famous Netwars for six months. We urge cybersecurity professionals to capitalise on this great offer and increase their proficiency to stay ahead of the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape,” Mr. Baltagi concluded.

You can learn more about Flexi Pass here:

To stay secure at home, SANS has also put together a work from home deployment kit, which is available here:

The ultimate list of SANS cheat sheets:

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