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Samsung partners with Airbus on Tactilon Agnet smartphone project


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Airbus has announced the development of its Tactilon Agnet solution so it can combine with Samsung’s XCover6 Pro smartphone.

The newly released XCover6 Pro smartphone has added features to pair with the Airbus Tactilon Agnet MCX solution in a move which the two companies claim will “enable mission and business critical communication to be successful in demanding conditions”.

Samuel Gustafsson, Head of European Sales, Airbus said: “This announcement shows that a global and leading technology enterprise is ready to meet mission critical user requirements for terminals.

“Airbus’ Tactilon Agnet solution on Samsung Knox enabled smartphones ensures faster and easier deployment, use and security of MCX services.

“The Tactilon Agnet service on the new XCover6 Pro will be able to serve the users with new features without compromising on efficiency and security, which are increasingly important aspects of critical communications.”

Samsung claimed its XCover6 Pro has features that makes it functional for field use such as weather protection, programmable hardware keys, high capacity battery with fast charging and loud mono speaker for clear voice communication as well as a chipset with support for LTE and 5G.

Neil Barclay, Head of B2G, Samsung Europe added: “Security and usability are top priorities for government organisations when choosing mobile technology.

“Leveraging our enterprise grade security and staging tools, we’ve collaborated with Airbus to create a unique and easy-to-deploy platform that manages and protects the most sensitive and confidential information on a best-in-class PTT device”.

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