Russian criminals ‘behind Royal Mail cyber attack’

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A cyber-attack on the UK Royal Mail‘s export services may have been caused by ransomware linked to Russian criminals, the BBC reported.

The hack disrupted the firm’s ability despatch deliveries abroad and advised people not to try to send international letters and parcels until the issue is resolved.

The ransomware used in the attack is “Lockbit” and is linked to Russian gangsters, said the BBC.

The BBC reported it has seen a ransom note sent by the criminals to Royal Mail which reads: “Your data are stolen and encrypted.”

The demand is thought to be in the millions of pounds, although there are no reports it has been paid.

Ransomware attacks are now a threat to organisations around the world, with attacks happening almost very day.

The BBC said: “But this situation is highly significant, as Royal Mail is what is deemed ‘critical national infrastructure’ – that is, it is critical to the UK economy.”

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