Critical regulatory tool from Rohde & Schwarz starts monitoring radio frequencies


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Rohde & Schwarz is the company behind the leading edge technology in stationary and mobile spectrum management and monitoring systems that the Communications Authority of Kenya is now using.

The solution is now fully operational and acts as a critical regulatory tool in the efficient planning and utilisation of the country’s frequency spectrum resources. It also helps cope with current increases in demand.

Monitoring the electromagnetic spectrum and locating suspect signal sources ensures undisturbed reception of radio and TV broadcasts and wireless communications. Rohde & Schwarz recognised the challenge and was early in designing, proposing, delivering, installing and training for the system. The company implemented remote control systems and maintenance services for the three existing monitoring centres in Nyeri, Kisumu and Eldoret. Rohde & Schwarz also installed a fixed V/UHF monitoring station in Nyeri, a direction-finding (DF) base in Kitale and three mobile monitoring stations mounted on pickup trucks for off-road operations.

The R&S UMS300 universal monitoring system is the quick and reliable core of the new Rohde & Schwarz installation in Kenya. The system is enclosed in a compact, weatherproof housing that can be mounted directly on masts near antennas for high system sensitivity and the precise location of even weak signals and expansion of the detection range.

“This contract underlines the commitment at Rohde & Schwarz to uncompromising quality for our customer and partner, the Communications Authority of Kenya,” says Frank Mayer, Vice President Spectrum Monitoring, Rohde & Schwarz. “We are proud to have the Communications Authority of Kenya working with a Rohde & Schwarz installation.”

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