Röchling Group selects Everbridge critical event management SaaS platform

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Everbridge, Inc. has announced that the Röchling Group, a global plastics manufacturer, will adopt the Everbridge CEM solution to help protect Röchling’s workforce and business operations against critical events of all kinds, including the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Everbridge CEM provides Röchling with a unified, common operating platform for managing organisational risk and accelerating communications, response and recovery efforts to mitigate impact to employees or disruptions to business and IT operations.

Headquartered in Mannheim, Germany, Röchling’s global workforce includes11,500 employees in 90 locations and 25 countries. Röchling’s three divisions Industrial, Automotive and Medical generated joint annual sales of 2.352 billion euros in 2019. The nearly 200-year-old company has transformed the lives of people for almost a century with its customised plastics: reducing the weight of cars, making medication packaging more secure and improving industrial applications.

“The Röchling Group is committed to the safety of our global workforce and to ensuring the protection of our business assets and IT operations,” said Klaus-Peter Fett, Chief Information and Digital Officer at Röchling. “Everbridge CEM represents a unique solution in its ability to help us digitally transform Röchling’s corporate health, risk and security programs, providing one unified platform to manage all potential risks. In today’s environment, Everbridge provides us a proactive approach to risk management, employee safety and business continuity.”

To support the company’s goal of ensuring safety and productivity for local, remote and travelling employees, as well as organisational resiliency and business continuity, Röchling desired a solution that would enable the enterprise security team to better visualise, anticipate and manage risk events, disruptions and IT interruptions. Everbridge CEM enables Röchling to merge and display robust data sources regarding organisational assets (employees, travellers, buildings) and risk events (global pandemic, terrorism, natural disasters, weather, health risks) into a highly visual common operating view. This will enable Röchling to digitally transform how the company assesses threats, drives a coordinated response and avoids costs and impacts to life safety, while enabling the business to operate and grow despite risk.   

“With critical events such as COVID-19 on the rise, we are proud to support Röchling with their return to office efforts, in addition to improving mean time to respond to IT and business disruptions,” said Javier Colado, Senior Vice President, International at Everbridge. “We are committed to delivering a secure, reliable and innovative Critical Event Management platform that enables enterprise security and resiliency leaders to deliver value and safety to their global teams.”

Over 5,400 businesses, governments and healthcare organisations currently rely on Everbridge’s CEM Platform to assess threats, monitor the wellbeing of their workforces, rapidly communicate warnings, protect business assets and accelerate the analysis of their operational response.

“As a global leading plastics manufacturer, the Röchling Group represents a significant milestone in the continued adoption of our CEM platform in the DACH region,” said Andreas Junck, GM of Everbridge DACH Region. “I look forward to working with Röchling, a global player and industry champion with nearly 200 years of history and success in Germany and all over the world.”

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