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Robotnik brings new mobile surveillance robot to market

Robotnik brings new mobile surveillance robot to market

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A leading mobile robotics company has unveiled its new solution for security and surveillance.

Robotnik Automation’s new RB-WATCHER – which will be launched in Munich in June 2023 – does not require prior installation and is capable of communicating information to control centres.

The new solution utilises inspection and navigation sensorisation to detect potential risks in real time.

The RB-WATCHER from Robotnik Automation

According to Robotnik Automation, the RB-WATCHER can autonomously perform surveillance tasks such as patrolling a predetermined area, object and person detection or fire detection.

From there, information is processed and sent to security teams for decision making.

Suitable for deployment across a range of different industries, RB-WATCHER provides a user interface to trigger alarms and images when it detects any significant element in the environment.

The solution also features a bi-spectral camera, front camera, RTK GPS and microphone.

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